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You don't have to be from 'Jersey Shore' to enjoy the next generation of hair gel

B12N_152x358 After all the “Jersey Shore” hype, I’m embarrassed to admit I also started using hair gel again  -- after I swore never to touch the stuff after high school graduation in 1989. Back then, applying hair gel was a super sticky ritual that resulted in locks as brittle as dried leaves. But the purple goop was required if you wanted to blow-dry your bangs into a gravity-defying Morrissey pompadour -- touched up with hairspray -- or recapture George Michael’s slick Wham!-era wet-look.

The last two decades, I kept my tresses buzzed or fade-cut short so that I didn’t need any purple goo to mold my bangs vertically. Pomades such as American Crew were enough to style a short faux-hawk and tame the occasional frizz and cowlick.

This past year, I’ve grown my locks out a tad longer and discovered the rugged look doesn’t always look well with a suit or tie. A friend suggested I try Bumble & Bumble’s Bb. Gel, which is like hair gel 3G -- it’s not  gummy or sticky and can shape a fine pompadour, (which is in style again), when combed back or leave a retro "Mad Men"-like slick look. Or you can comb through for that "I just stepped out of a Ferrari" effect.

But for the 1980s flashback, “Jersey Shore's” notorious DJ Pauly D brings back the Depeche Mode-like crown with a complex three-step process using either Joico I-C-E Spiker or Got2b “Magnetik” styling gels, followed by a blow dry and frozen in space by Got2b Blasting Freeze spray.

-- Max Padilla


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Photo credit: Bumble and Bumble 

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This is an ad, right? It should be posted as such.

This show and the semi-educated group needs to be boxed and put in the Black hole.
I could only stand about three minutes of this crap. i was affraid if I watched it any longer my IQ was going to drop faster than it would if I entered a Walmart.


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