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SK-II makes do-it-yourself airbrush foundation easier

January 8, 2010 |  6:00 am
 I am totally intrigued by airbrush foundation for that light and flawless look it seems to create on the skin, but even the devices created as “consumer friendly” are an intimidating cross between an airbrush and tattoo gun.

ATF open

Japanese skincare and cosmetic brand SK-II has an airbrush foundation that looks just like a compact or round perfume bottle.  It’s sleek, small, light and portable.  I feel better just knowing it doesn’t look like a medical contraption or need an instruction manual to use.

The SK-II Airtouch foundation has a little on/off switch that when flipped releases tiny particles of foundation that bond to the skin.  The little red disc should be held 4 inches from the face and brought back and forth across the face until it’s covered.  The formula is only drawn to moisture in the skin, so it naturally avoids eyelashes and eyebrows.

At $165 it’s a pricey device and foundation, but if you’re into the look of airbrush makeup, this one seems relatively user-friendly and eliminates the need for nasty makeup sponges that collect at the bottom of your makeup bag.

SK-II AirTouch Foundation is currently available at and at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations.  $165 for starter set (device and refill) $90 per refill.

-- Melissa Magsaysay

Photo: SK-II Airtouch foundation/SK-II