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SAG Awards red carpet: Drew Barrymore's dress is pretty, but Adam Lambert's makeup is better

Drew Barrymore, this award show season's most fearless fashionista, has taken another risk, choosing a navy blue gown with a stiff, asymetrical peplum, beaded chiffon ribbons and embroidery at the hem by L.A.'s own Monique Lhuillier.

She has one of the evening's many untidy up-dos too, and a nude lip. Not sure the makeup is up to the glamour of the gown.

Adam Lambert's makeup is much prettier.

And hold up, Kate Hudson's white long-sleeve Emilio Pucci gown is Jennifer Lopez-low in the back. It has a pleasing Halston-esque slinkiness to it, but the crystal embroidery on the side brings to mind sutures. Ouch. Maybe I just need a better look.

I like Marion Cotillard's white Elie Saab dress a lot more now that I see it's short with white feathers at the hem. Isn't it strange that going short on the red carpet is such a radical move? More people should try it.

--Booth Moore


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Left photo: Drew Barrymore, credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press; Right photo: Adam Lambert, credit: Paul Buck / European Pressphoto Agency

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Well, I must say I have never, ever watched so many awards shows as lately. Why, because of Adam Lambert. He has made me interested in music again, and what is going on in the entertainment industry. I watched the red carpet pre-show and the whole SAG awards show. The Betty White tribute was so touching - brought tears to my eyes.

Just knowing Adam was in the audience soaking in the atmosphere and networking warms my heart. And yes, he deserves to be there. I heard him say in an interview at one time he was a SAG member - some others have already posted why he qualifies.

He has been acting as long as he has been singing since he has been doing musical THEATRE since he was ten. Also did The Ten Commandments which is out on DVD. So is he an actor, or is he a singer? The answer is BOTH, he has just chosen to concentrate on the singing side of things right now...

Relax.....celebrities can't just go to these things and show up whenever they want....they have to be invited, then they can say yes or no.......and please people, adam has a background in yes, he isn't just a singer, he is also a stage actor........geez.....why do haters have to follow every article on adam just so they get a chance to be nasty? can't try to imagine how it is to live passionately hating.....wouldn't life be better living it passionately loving???? try focusing on the things you like and love instead....

I just can't take my eyes off of Adam--so classy and beautiful. He is the new red carpet darling and I am not complaining.

Hey Cydina, The better question is what in the he*l are YOU doing here? Why did YOU seek out this article about Adam and decide to post negative comments? Hummmmmmmmm. I wonder!! And BTW, Adam was invited to this event, and whether he attends is really none of your business.

The Ten Commandments movie was made in 1956. So, unless Adam existed in a past life, he was not in that movie.

He was in a Ten Commandments stage play.


I die! Adam Lambert is looking FABULOUS! I love that boy!

BTW , was suprised also that he was at the award show but he has every right to be there plus I am sure that there were a few persons that were happy to meet him.

Also don't forget he has a film coming out that is currently in post production " The Zodiac Show: Metamorphosis ".

Cydina,these events are invitations only. Otherwise you or I or anybody for that matter can just dress up and walk the red carpet..Kapish!!!!
Adam is a people magnet that's why even though he has nothing to do with these digs they invite him. You must be sooo bitter because whoever you follow obviously wasn't there! Can't buy invites to these events girl....You have to be FAMOUS!

Adam was in "The Ten Commandments he Musical" which was filmed and sold as a movie, so yes Adam has a SAG card. He also said he he auditioned for the TV show Glee, so yes he has a SAG card.

I really don't understand the hate.

Adam Lambert is the most handsome man I have ever met, and I'm speaking from personal experience ... he is also as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. He belongs on the Red Carpet - any red carpet!

Drew would have looked so much nicer with one skirt. It was a pretty dress... except for that! I agree her make-up needed to look more dramatic.

Adam looked wicked-chic, a look I always love on anyone, male or female. He was my best-dressed man of the night.

Christina Applegate was my best-dressed woman. That gown was so ethereal, and with the sparkly details on the back and in her hair. She looked like a fairytale princess, and not in a bad way. In a glamorous way.

Adam Lambert lights up any arena or venue he happens to be in----he is always flawless, humble, articulate, sweet, sexy, charismatic and I am smitten!!! Adam, I love you, I am a loyal fan.

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