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SAG Awards red carpet: Drew Barrymore's dress is pretty, but Adam Lambert's makeup is better

Drew Barrymore, this award show season's most fearless fashionista, has taken another risk, choosing a navy blue gown with a stiff, asymetrical peplum, beaded chiffon ribbons and embroidery at the hem by L.A.'s own Monique Lhuillier.

She has one of the evening's many untidy up-dos too, and a nude lip. Not sure the makeup is up to the glamour of the gown.

Adam Lambert's makeup is much prettier.

And hold up, Kate Hudson's white long-sleeve Emilio Pucci gown is Jennifer Lopez-low in the back. It has a pleasing Halston-esque slinkiness to it, but the crystal embroidery on the side brings to mind sutures. Ouch. Maybe I just need a better look.

I like Marion Cotillard's white Elie Saab dress a lot more now that I see it's short with white feathers at the hem. Isn't it strange that going short on the red carpet is such a radical move? More people should try it.

--Booth Moore


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Left photo: Drew Barrymore, credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press; Right photo: Adam Lambert, credit: Paul Buck / European Pressphoto Agency

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Marion is gorgeous.

Meryl is a goddess.

Adam came straight from a shoot for Flaunt Magazine. They tweeted about it and he also said so on the Red Carpet on E!.

Will someone please get Lambert a wash cloth. Just awful.

Adam Lambert are always have a good looking. He have such a good style with all his clothes and his makeup are beautiful.

His eye liner matches her dress color.

He's such a doll, gorgeous inside out. I love his spirit so much. Beautiful.

Adam and Drew are two of my favorite celebrities...both are gorgeous inside and out.

Why is Adam Lambert even there? He is starting to look desperate for any type of attention he can get by showing up at awards shows for a field he doesn't belong to.

Adam looks great and belongs there - you just don't get to attend any event you want to on your own and he is hardly desperate. he is very much in demand. People are interested in him, period, including the entertainment industry. Amazing how folks who don't like him can't stay away from looking or commenting ...

Adam Lambert looks gorgeous and is a pleasure to see. Besides, is always nice to listen to him talking because he's SMART and a real gentleman.

@ Cydina You think he doesn't belong to the Entertainment field? LOLLLLL.

Do you know how many people in the business he knows? He owns a SAG card and they invited him and 2 guests. He was talking fashion on the Red Carpet. At last week's Charity Gala he was SWAMPED by everyone. He was the most popular person there, even with all the other huge celeb names.

Why? Because he's more down to earth than them all. He's hilarious and charming and one of the most genuine, nice people you will ever meet, I should know!

He's going to be the Red Carpet correspondent for the Grammy's. Oh man there's so much that's going to happen this year for him but I'll stop there.

RT @ BradBesseyET: @ AdamLambert just made a big announcement - l'm so exited I can't tell you! I'll tell you soon when I can break it on ET.

Adam is a memeber of SAG and was invited to come. He is very much in demand at these award shows. He is talented, intelligent, articulate, sweet, funny, and sexy. The celebs, as well as his fans, simply adore him. He is a wonderful, gifted artist and man.

Can't disagree with you, Adam Lambert always looks flawless gorgeous!!

HA! Of course Adam Lambert belongs there or they wouldn't have invited him!! He is from theatre (acting) as well as being an amazing singer. It is always lovely to see Adam and listen to his well spoken, sweet comments and last but not least - the man is down right gorgeous!!

Drew is a cutie but both her hair & dress look so frumpy.

Christina Applegate's dress is beautiful.

Meryl is wonderful. And only she can get away with that dress & shades combo.

Adam is delightful and always looks striking. His style is haute, j'adore.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Sophia Loren's dresses are both rather atrocious.

Christina Hendricks takes my breath away. Every time.

Michael C Hall, God bless that man.

Paula Patton, why is she wearing such an unflattering dress with a body like that.

Sandra's dress looked comfy but it didn't do anything for her.

Helen Mirren looks lovely, as always.

Adam Lambert is a card holding SAG member. For many years before American Idol, Adam was an actor in musical theater. (Wicked, Ten Commandments, etc.) He was invited and yes, he belongs at the awards show.

Anna Paquin = worst dressed of the night.

Adam Lambert definitely adds a lot of masculine interest to this affair, it's almost impossible to look away from him. His make-up is more than average, but less than the level of Gaga, probably his nearest comparative contemporary. Also, his suit is amazing, love the peaked shoulders. Very current.

Not diggin Drew's look at all!

I do love that from all the men on the red carpet, Adam Lambert is always the most interesting to look at. I like looking at him as much as I like looking at what the girls are going to wear.

I'm not a Kate Hudson fan but her bod looked so hot in that dress.

Adam Lambert is a member of Actor's Equity which represents stage actors but what has he acted in on screen? You have to have had a principal acting role in on tv or in movies to qualify to join the Screen Actors Guild. I saw it mentioned somewhere that he went with a friend who was a former child star who is still a member. That doesn't equal an invitation from the SAG to attend.

Cydina. Hon. Once you have been working in the industry for over a decade and have serious musical and film legends as fans genuinely respecting you, like Adam Lambert does, someone may actually care about your comment, they may even take you seriously.

Michelle Monaghan's dress looks like a mermaid swimsuit.

What about the musical The 10 Commandments? That was a film, also, wasn't it? I know it can be purchased as a video. He had a minor lead in that.

Hey Cydina or whatever your name is,

Why so much hate aimed at Adam? You've made at least 2 negative comments so far, and I'm thinking it comes from a place of jealousy. He either looks better than you in his guyliner, he dresses better than you, he sings better than you? What the hell is it? Get over yourself! The year 2010 has been declared the year of the Glambert, so just be prepared to see him in your favorite magazine and selling out concerts. And definitely do something to erase all that hatred out of your posts...go to a movie, get a date or something.

Cyndia@ sounds like rumors are your forte' Why do you sweat it???

@Cydina Geez, why so darn worked up about why Adam was attending the SAG Awards? You'd think he crashed a White House dinner or something. Whatever the reason, he was obviously a welcome guest, solet it go. Just because *you* obviously don't like him, it doesn't compel the entertainment industry to share your opinion...and it seems obvious the industry is welcoming him with open arms. He's talented, charismatic, gorgeous, and people are drawn to him, celebrities and non. Deal with it.

At post Critic's Choice Award party- Adam was so swamped by people trying to get close to him. We love the guy. Great photo, thanks, btw, as you know, and you do know, the only reason this article is getting read is because Adam's name and photo are the magnet.

Good Lord! Why is he there? Pushing his 15 minutes.

Whatever happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything". They both look lovely!!!

Well, I'm kinda thinking Adam was invited to doesn't appear that he crashed this thing or Juliana would have called the cops! LOL! Oh, for the haters, Adam's said he was gonna be in Flaunt mag modeling sunglasses...I hope it's not too soon to do that. I mean, we don't know how long Adam has been wearing sunglasses yet. But, I guess he qualifies to do that since he's got eyes and gorgeous ones at that!

This gorgeous and talented man is a member of AEA and qualifies for SAG as well if it is of anyone's concern. This is from the SAG membership website:
"Employment Under an Affiliated Performers’ Union
Performers may join SAG if the applicant is a paid-up member of an affiliated performers’ union (ACTRA, AEA, AFTRA, AGMA or AGVA) for a period of one year and has worked and been paid for at least once as a principal performer in that union’s jurisdiction"

Drew's dress is lovely. Adam looks fab, as always. Boy knows how to walk a red carpet. You never know what he's going to show up in. Keeps us guessing!!! Wonder if his big announcement is that he'll be singing Time For Miracles at the Oscars. That would be amazing!!!

Adam's big announcement is not about singing at the Oscars. He's apparently doing an ad campaign for either Dior (most likely) or Lagerfeld and he'll be in NYC for Fashion Week. Was hoping for the Oscar singing gig though. :)

Adam Lambert was freaking sensational on Oprah.

It's so amusing how the trolls always get so riled up. There hasn't been one person who has met him who HASN'T fallen in love with him, or at the very LEAST been totally charmed by him. Men, women, children, young people in their 20s like myself, everyone.

Seriously, just LOL at the trolls - or troll since it's usually one person reposting just check their ISPs, that repeatedly claims he's a 5-min guy. With THAT talent & personality LMAAAAAAAO. His vocal range is RARE, literally. His voice is 2nd to none. He owns a stage in 2 secs FLAT. His personality is INCREDIBLE. So amazing. His life is fascinating. His life outlook is inspiring. Everything about him is refreshing in today's musically stunted charts filled with Justin B. & Miley Cyrus C....R....A....P & in today's fake celeb world.

Idk how Adam manages to stay so centered and down to earth but maybe it's because he surrounds himself with positive, wonderful people like himself & maybe it's because he has an awesome perspective about everything "Fame isn't real, at least I don't think it is. It comes & goes. I believe, you make it whatever you want to make it. If you take it too seriously or get caught up in it, you're lost."

Did you know Adam's the 3rd most In Demand new male right now?

And, he was running late so he got on the red carpet quick yet the cameras noticed him instantly and went MAD lol. He has SUCH a superstar presence yet he's so, SO sweet in person.

RT @ Adam Lambert will take your breath away in person. O M G. We couldn't even speak at first JFC. Then he starts chatting & he's so friendly & warm you forget you're talking to a celeb! LOVE!HIM!

RT @ ItsNotTVItsDana @adamlambert come to HBO party at Spago! We love you!

RT: At SAG after-party: @AdamLambert looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

RT: @ MJTPortrait Our thanks to Larry King, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Wayans, George Lopez, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Adam Lambert.

RT: The SAG awards were incredible. Justin Timberlake and Adam Lambert are so nice!

RT: FlauntMagazine Adam Lambert got fabulous for our next issue today!

RT: Big announcement on Adam Lambert, coming soon. V. exciting!!! :)

RT: I love it when a performer is fierce & intense onstage, & charming & disarming offstage. Case in point: Adam Lambert.

RT: Adam Lambert was running late but we grabbed him. What a doll.

RT: Adam Lambert is so sweet and sexy, just met the man.

RT: Adam Lambert is absolutely delightful.

Use your energy on someone worth hatin' on LOL.

RT leaving downtown and off to SAG party #2. Adam Lambert needs to be in movies. I can see it now. Rob Marshall is here too hope they met.

(Rob Marshall is a huge fan)

Adam adds such pizazz where ever he goes. I'd rather look at him than the women! He's the best looking person on any red carpet, I tell ya! Sleek, sexy, talented and so charming.

Why are there people still dogging him on sites that have "Adam Lambert" news? Isn't this getting old? Why would anyone even search or read something if they are not fans of his? These negative-ninnies must have mental problems to follow him around like this!

I doubt Adam is crashing the SAG'S, really! Just shows how really ignorant some people can get.


Don't embarrass yourself.

Do you think Adam Lambert gatecrashes these events? What's your problem? The fact that they don't invite the "winner"? I wonder why that is. Surrounded by stars, a guy with all the star quality of flat cola would probably be taken for being one of the attendants.

Kris Allen's fans are such a sad embarrassment to the poor guy.

You have to laugh at the way they feel the need to comment negatively on anything and everything that Adam Lambert's name or picture appears on.

You have to laugh even more at the fact that you can count them on less than the fingers of one hand.


Cyndina, you are so clueless, Adam was in the movie the 10 Commandments, and yes that does qualify him for SAG, he was invited to be there because he is a member of SAG.

Where should he have been? At home watching Sex In the City? Adam was exactly where he belonged looking gorgeous as usual.

@Cydina and @Vickie,

He was invited. He had his publicist with him. He was not a crasher. He was an invited guest of an awards show that well......invited him. Understand?

Oh,and @Vickie....your '15 minutes' comment. How many '15 minutes' does one get? I mean, Adam has clearly surpassed the '15 minutes' mark. Your comment is silly and the '15 minute' thing is entirely overused by the non-fans.

I love that gown Drew has on, but her face makes her look older and dull. Now Adam Rocks it. I love Adam Lambert!!! He's a very talented guy! He always dresses cool, classy and appropriate for the occasion. He looks great. I love his CD, For Your Entertainment!!! My fav song on it is "Sleepwalker"...

Betty White was great last night, one of my ol time favorites. Adam seems to be everywhere these days, he is one talented dude. He has come a long way since Idol thats for sure. I am happy for anyone who can make it in the entertainment business , seems like Adam is on his way. I watched his interview on Oprah, and I was impressed.

Didn't the American Idol contestants this past season get SAG cards due to the Ford commercials they were in?

Adam was also in a commercial when he was a teen, though it was promoting a news station, so I don't know if that counts.

At any rate, Adam WAS invited to the awards in some form, and had every right to be there. Why do people get so pissy about him attending events?

Event organizer want and invite Adam because he brings their events elegance, glamour, and ATTENTION by more people. Everyone is interested in Adam, and he is has the talent to back it up.

'FALUNT' PHOTO SHOOT- that is where Adam just finished and hurried over to the SAG awards barely in time, but it's also the reason he looked so polished. The guy is busy.

i don't waste time and energy reading, viewing, commenting on anyone I am not interested in- so I'm here because I think Adam is the most exciting new artist in decades and I admire his intrepid honesty and I like the personable articulate intelligent sweet and sexy guy he is. I watch and read everything about Adam because I am a typical fan-obsessed with Adam. Adam's foes though are just obsessed about Adam. No one can ignore him. Adam is the real winner, so AT&T cpmputer power dialing parties don't mean diddlywat when it comes time to vote with your wallet. Adam Lambert was born to be a superstar with the kind of multi-octave vocal range he was given and the powerful focused love that he has for entertaining.

adam's 15 minutes must be in dog minutes because it has been going on for a year now. and will continue to go on for many years to come. he's insanely talented, beautiful beyond words, as genuine and friendly as can be, and is destined for superstardom. so, for the little negative, energy sucking black hole vampires out there===get a life and look elsewhere for your negative attacks because adam shines positive, blinding light wherever he goes .

Dear Cyndina: Actually, this is from the SAG membership website.

Employment Under an Affiliated Performers’ Union
Performers may join SAG if the applicant is a paid-up member of an affiliated performers’ union (ACTRA, AEA, AFTRA, AGMA or AGVA) for a period of one year and has worked and been paid for at least once as a principal performer in that union’s jurisdiction
Adam is a member of AEA…

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