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Milan Fashion Week: Chris Brown around town

Reporting from Milan -- So far, Milan Fashion Week has been a bust celebrity-wise (at least American ones -- Dolce & Gabbana had a laundry list of boldface names I didn't recognize). The sole exception so far seems to be Chris Brown, who has popped up in a couple of different places, including a private Missoni dinner on Friday night, and in the front row at Costume National Homme, where he obligingly posed for photos both for press and fans -- by my count some six or seven groups of people approached and asked if they could get their picture taken with him.

I recall seeing him during at least one previous men's fashion week, and when I crossed paths with him briefly exiting the Missoni event, he said he was attending a handful of shows this season both here and in Paris. "I might check out some of the couture shows in Paris too," he told me. (The couture shows in Paris currently follow the men's fashion week there.)

When asked if he was looking forward to any show in particular, he singled out the the Moncler Gamme Bleu show (a collaboration between the Italian* maker of the shiny ski parkas worn by every other person on the streets of Milan and American designer Thom Browne).

"So are we going to be seeing you in one of those puffy ski jackets next season, then?" I asked.

IMG_1709 "Yeah, maybe," he said before stepping into his waiting car and heading off into the Milan night.

This afternoon, I found myself seated next to the 20-year-old singer at the Vivienne Westwood show, which was inspired, the designer said in her notes, by the "roving vagabonds" of the 1978-79 U.K. "winter of discontent" (more on the show in an upcoming post). Brown was wearing a pair of black-and-white plaid/polka-dot shoes, which could only be Vivienne Westwood. I've included a snap not only because they're sweet-looking kicks (click on the photo to see a larger version), but also because they made a great juxtaposition against the "homeless-chic" cardboard that covered the floors.

[*UPDATED 1/26/10: In an earlier version of this post, Moncler was identified as French. It was at one time, but currently the label is owned by an Italian company, and it is based in Italy.]

-- Adam Tschorn

Photo: (Top) Chris Brown poses for a photo with fans before the Costume National Homme show during Milan Fashion Week on Jan. 16, 2010. (Bottom) Brown's Vivienne Westwood shoes -- against the backdrop of the designer's "roving-vagabond"-inspired Fall/Winter 2010 cardboard-covered runway. Credit: Adam Tschorn

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He looks fantastic! I haven't seen him in so long! His smile is like a breath of fresh air...I wish him all the best! I'm so glad he's moving pass the drama of the past and growing as a young man.

Nice read, those shoes are sweet, Chris Brown wears clothing well and any designer of mens clothings should love for him to wear their designs.. I seen his photos from Milan and he looked dapper.

"the 20-year-old singer"? My youngest son is 21. Chris Brown is so young. He has his whole life ahead of him. If only the world would allow him to live it the right way without being persecuted every step of the way.

My heart goes out to this boy and I wish him luck. I know he's sorry for what he did, as he should be.

He looks great. Loving the outfit especially the shoes.

Chris looks so good, it's ridiculous, he could easily be walking the runway in those shoes are so fashion forward, i think he's the only one that can pull that look off so effortlessly...good work...wonder if he's gonna be at Paris Fashion Week?

He like those shoes...he is so daring with what he rocks. He would make a good print or runway model. He got the height and physique for clothes modeling. Plus Chris has these adorable freckles around his eyes.

Glad to see him out and about. Hopefully he will keep a low profile for the next month or two and then release the video for "Pass Out". Your true fans still support you as an artist and continue to pray for personal growth from your past indiscretion.

He looks great, he should think about taking this sense of style and incorporating it with his music. He has been looking phenomenal whilst in Milan.

Yeah Chris! He is such a cutie, despite what happened in his personal life, I will always be a fan. He is talented and thats what i dig about him. I love his music and love to watch him dance. Pure entertainment and modeling would suit him well. He should consider it. If you havent picked up Graffiti yet, please do so. Very nice CD.

Bill Kaulitz is wowing them during Milan's big party and the LA Times reports on Chris Brown. How parochial can you get?

hey chris brown. what are you up to today.

Chris looking soo sexy and he has a beautiful smile too. Rihanna keep bring up the situation that happened between the two of them. ITs over and since chris is starting to get back on track she wanna put stuff out so he can fall again. She wants all the attention on her. Do i believe chris was insecure ahh no But it could be true. If anything i think its her who had the insecurity problems but trying to put them on chris to make him look bad. RIhanna starting to see that people arent feeling sorry for her no more... I luv chris brown and hopefully chris will NEVER EVER be involve with her again.

who cares about him

Chris I love your CD Stay strong and positive. To quote
Michael Jackson (YOU ARE NOT ALONE)

Just to clarify, Moncler is not French. The company was started in France but in the early 90's the DeBenedetti group of Italy purchased the company and moved everything to Italy. Design, production and management is 100% in Italy; personal friends of mine work at HQ there, this is why I know. Please make the correction.

Also, I feel Milan was more exciting and revealed more stimulating shows than Paris this time around.

Thank you


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