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Kings of Leon clothing line drops Jan. 25

 Yesterday, our compatriots over at the Brand X blog vented about the latest in celebrity/fashion collaborations: a capsule clothing collection from the Grammy-winning Kings of Leon done in conjunction with Rage_s2akol1 Paris-based design agency Surface to Air

Dubbed S2A x KOL, the 12-piece collection includes just about what you might expect from musician-designed and -influenced duds, including leather jackets, skinny-leg jeans, red check button-front shirts, guitar straps and aRage_kol2 painfully hip fedora. Prices are expected to range from about $100 (for a bandana) to nearly $2,000 (for the leather jacket).

S2A x KOL is slated to hit select stores in the U.S. (including Barneys New York, Bblessing in New York City and online at Gargyle) on Jan. 25. 

Since that's just a few days before the 52nd annual Grammy Awards -- and this year the group has been nominated in four categories -- I'll go out on a limb and guess we might see the members kitted out in some of their own threads during that Jan. 31 telecast.

-- Adam Tschorn

Photos: The 12-piece Surface to Air/Kings of Leon capsule clothing collection, dubbed S2A x KOL, includes a red check button-front shirt, above left, and a fedora, above right. The line will be available at select stores, including Barneys New York and starting Jan. 25. Credit: Surface to Air

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Wow. That shirt is fugly. I love Kings of Leon but I think I'll pass on the clothes.

Just another band who sold their souls. Its one thing to push instruments or their accessories, but a $2,000 leather jacket??? Pure comedy...... All this from a band with no original sound. Grammy winners? Maybe by default. Where's the competition? If Coldplay wins year after year, how is the scene not heartbreakingly dead? Is Coldplay that great? No.

What a horrible decade.

I thought their sound is somewhat original, I mean nobody cracks their voice like the lead singer, but man, a clothing line? Yikes. I'd rather see a Mike Ness clothing line with Skelly on it than some plain old leather coat and wannabe friggin duds....

ridiculous. although if rappers can do it why not these guys? they better watch out though they're stardom is getting outta whack



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