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Scandal Style: Two alleged mistresses sport similar 'Tiger's eye' sparkle

Style-wise, there hasn't been much to to see with the whole Tiger Woods affair, but after catching two of the golfer's alleged paramours sharing their sordid details on TV on Friday, I noticed something interesting.

Jaime Jungers, who took to "Today" early in the morning to tell her story, and Jaimee Grubbs who sat down with "Extra," which aired that same evening, seem to share more than a similar first name. They both sported a tiny glint of facial embellishment high on the cheekbone, Jungers' visible just below the corner of her left eye, and Grubbs' just below her right eye.

It's hard to tell from the videos and photos if it's a facial piercing or (more likely) a body jewel of some sort stuck on the surface of the skin.

And I haven't heard any explanation about it, either. Is it some symbolic solidarity sparkle? A secret message to a special someone? Or simply an increasingly fashionable flourish among the "other women" demographic, which hadn't become apparent until there were nearly a dozen claiming that status in one fell swoop? (And, in an unrelated question, how many more will it take until they get standing for a class-action lawsuit?)

If anyone has any answers, clue me in. And if I see one more of the women claiming a romantic link to Woods take to the tube sporting a sparkle on the orbital bone, I'm declaring the "eye of the Tiger" the tawdry trend of the year.

-- Adam Tschorn

Photo: At top, Jamie Jungers, who claims to have had a relationship with professional golfer Tiger Woods,  appeared on NBC's "Today" show on Friday, with a sparkle of body jewelry just below her left eye. Credit: Peter Kramer / NBC

Video: That same evening, another alleged mistress, Jaimee Grubbs, below, appeared on "Extra" with a similar bit of bling visible just beneath her right eye. Credit: Extra

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People always seem to have a certain something that attracts them to one another.

I am glad that he was not attracted to the "safety pin through the cheek attached to a chain leading to an earring" type. I always find those features distasteful when that type is waiting in front of me in a fast food line.

"A man has to know his limitations" is how Dirty Hairy would have put it, and it sounds like Tiger just never understood that.

Thanks for the enlightening article,

These ladies may just be sporting a rhinestone with some cosmetic adhesive on their face but I actually think its more likely that they have what is called a micro-dermal implant, a piercing of sorts that has recently become much more popular. An incision is made in the skin and a metal 'anchor' is implanted underneath the dermis and attached to the jewelry that you see on the surface of the skin. The skin heals around the implant and creates a semi-permanent 'pierced' effect. I'm surprised you've never seen this before, it's very popular among girls my age now.


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