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In search of: Warm, comfy boots that aren't Uggs

December 1, 2009 | 12:49 pm


I know that Ugg shearling boots, at this point, are really only style appropriate for schlepping cans to the recycling center. But they're so comfy, I find it difficult to remove them from my feet once the temperature dips below 65. 

I wore my beat-up brown calf-high marshmallows to the movies last night and on a Whole Foods excursion mere hours before.

But comfort aside, I've been feeling rather dowdy in my sheepskin moon boots -- which led me to wonder: Is there a boot out there that doesn't resemble a horse apple that will make my toes feel just as fireplace warm as my Uggs?

After an extensive online search, the answer is probably. Due to the worldwide popularity of Uggs, there are a million shearling boots on the market -- some direct ripoffs of the globby originals, others more refined variations (often with a slight rubbery wedge heel). Then there's the cute-as-pie cousin to the casual Ugg: the moccasin boot.

Among the dressier options was a pair of gorgeous gray leather lace-up shearling boots from Juicy Couture (see photo). With a slight wedge sole and "ski-bunny" feel, they're a chic alternative to dumpy Uggs -- and with their rounded toes they at least look cozy. In the same vein, Tory Burch makes a fetching Aspen-inspired snow boot with a quilted black nylon exterior and a slight incline of the sole.

Moccasin maker Minnetonka has dozens of moccasin boots on the market right now that offer the soft-leather comfort, if not the warmth, of Uggs. Among my favorite styles are the boho-babe-tall Hi Fringe boots in black, which feel like footwear Kate Moss might don to a music festival, and the calf-high three-layer fringe boot in dove gray.

No, I'll never give up my Uggs for snuggling up on the couch, but now I have some more fashion-forward options for heading out into the real world.

-- Emili Vesilind


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Photo: Juicy Couture "igloo" boots. Credit: Juicy Couture