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Catching the Ugg bug: A fashionista trades her stilettos for winter warmth

I have a confession to make – kinda embarrassing since I'm an uber-fashionista. Until recently, I had never tried on a pair of Ugg boots. Truth is, I prefer a sleek pair of platform YSL's or even those sexy open-toe ankle booties. That furry sheepskin footwear Kate Moss uses to bolt from paparazzi, yeah, never even touched 'em.
However, after recently seeing my idol Sienna Miller standing outside Jude Law's New York City apartment in black Classic Shorts, I caved. C'mon, that girl's got style. So I got hold of the hottest new boot, the Bailey Button in "Bomber" (fashioned after the look of a leather bomber jacket). It's the new take on Ugg Australia's Classic collection, but it has a fun button feature and groovy duality. It can be worn either up (they hit you mid-calf) or rolled down to the ankle, showing off that sumptuous sheepskin.

Slipping off my Ferragamo "Karlas" (bella!), I twiddled my toes and stepped into these big mama boots. All of a sudden my feet were enveloped in a cocoon of fur. The Baileys were like a giant hug for my tootsies and felt as cushiony as slippers. As I walked, they started to mold to the shape of my foot. For the next three days, I did nothing but wear my new fuzzy friends. My sequined Miu Mius, glittering for attention, beckoned me back. My Louboutins wondered, pourquoi? Though I was 3 inches shorter, and had feet to rival Chewbacca's, I'd definitely caught the Ugg bug.

But habits don't die easy. I do have my eye on these amazing Jerome C. Rousseau leather slingbacks. They are FIERCE. Hey, Ugg boots feel amazing, but at the end of the day, my pins need to look long and lean. If Ugg came out with a stiletto, I'd be all for it. But until then, on Friday nights, I go from 5 foot 6 to 5 foot 9 again.

-- Julie Neigher


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Photo: Ugg Bailey Buttons. Photo credit: Ugg

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I live in my Ugg boots in winter. I have not so good circulation in my feet and these are the only boots that keep my feet warm other than my muck boots..and they make my Ugg boots look VERY fashionable!

Get over it! Uggs are great for the winter. I too resisted Uggs until last year and I now love them. I can deal with being 5 foot 1 on those cold winter days.

I too resisted Uggs until I became preganat this summer. Now I am living in them - all through fall and into this winter I am feeling comfy and warm it's the greatest. Will I keep it up after baby? I can't say


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