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Fingerless gloves: a cooler alternative for L.A. winters

December 17, 2009 | 12:01 pm

Forever Temperatures in L.A. never really get to the glove-wearing stage. A wool winter coat and cashmere scarf are about all we need to weather the cold season in SoCal.

But I've been noticing girls around town rocking fingerless gloves -- those 80s-inspired hacked-off mittens very popular with toll booth collectors and crossing guards.

And really, they're the perfect accessory for L.A. winters. They're not too bulky (but do offer some warmth when the temps dive into the 40-degree range), they add a punk-rock/biker edge to any jeans-based outfit and -- best of all -- you don't have to remove them to handle your iPhone, a beer or the tiny dials of your satellite radio.

Here are some of my favorite fingerless mitts on the market:

*Autumn Cashmere leopard-print fingerless gloves, $107 at These graphic shortie gloves are pure '80s Madonna. Pair them with an armful of mixed-metal bangle bracelets and you're really walking on the wild side.

*Forever 21 shimmer fingerless gloves, $5.80. These lightweight gloves are ruched (a.k.a. gathered) at the arms, so you don't have to work to get that hip scrunched-down look. I see these pulled up over the sleeves of a tight long-sleeved shirt -- for an urban-urchin layered look.

*Juicy Couture's long "pop top" button mittens, $65 at Bloomingdale's. These long gloves (arm-warmers, really), are packing Victorian-style romance with their long rows of gold buttons. Wear the black ones scrunched down on your wrists with a roomy T-shirt, and you may be crowned cutest gal at the bar. And if a cold front comes along, you can "pop" the mitten tops and stay toasty warm.

--Emili Vesilind


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