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Are you a fan of 'fashionable' Facebook fan pages?

FacebookAs Times fashion critic Booth Moore stated back in September, the fashion industry continues to ramp up its Internet and social networking strategies to woo buyers. Now comes the Facebook 50 from Slate's The Big Money, their "ranking of the brands that are currently making the best use of Facebook."

Who has made the list? Many retailers -- including labels that are probably in your closet (Zara, Gap, H&M ...) -- are listed for their large fan Roledex and loads of customer feedback left on their walls. Vans and The Art of Travel by Louis Vuitton also get props for their video marketing strategies.

So we ask you, All the Rage readers: Are you fans of these brands on Facebook? And what do you think of marketing strategies like this? Do you enjoy getting notifications about sales alerts and fashion polls from stores intermixed with your college roommate's status update on what she thought of the latest "Gossip Girl"? Or do you prefer keeping your social and shopping lives separate and opt for something like e-mail alerts? Share with us in the comments section. Or even better -- become a fan of the L.A. Times Image section on Facebook and comment on this post there.

-- Whitney Friedlander

[Update 4:20 p.m. Dec. 2: If you enjoyed the Facebook 50, take a look at TBM's Twitter 12. On the list: Etsy.]


The fashion industry's old business model is out of style

Slate: The Big Money Facebook 50

L.A. Times Image's Facebook page

Image: Facebook logo. Credit: Facebook

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I am fans of brands that are actually interesting on facebook (full disclosure I work in fashion marketing). Honestly, smaller to medium size brands do it the best, Hayden Harnett, Madras 641 (M641), Melie Bianco (from LA), Joyful Bath Co, Pearl Fine Teas and a few others just get it. They balance sales and promotions with insight and other useful content. It's not always about them. I actually discovered and am not a regular customer all the above because of their online engagement.


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