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A little holiday help from your jeans

Cutout_TrueBlueWe’ve all experienced the one-button release on the waistband of jeans after eating an intense holiday meal. It’s why I am particularly intrigued with “slimming” jeans this time of year.  The idea of everyday jeans mixed with a Spanx like girdle sounds like a dream come true, but do they really work? And most important, do they actually look good?254802_0_44

Well, there’s plenty out there to choose from – more than I realized.

Izod has three styles made with a “secret slimming” tummy panel, and a new line called M’Chic is taking it one step further by attaching a torso tube to the waist band to banish “muffin top” spillage.  Sure there’s a white thing encasing your body from waist to rib cage, but it kind of looks like you’re wearing a full tank top under your blouse or sweater.

LL Bean even has some slimming denim in the form of trouser-style jeans. These are a bit more sophisticated and would look great with a sleek black blazer and metallic flats, perfect for a holiday get- together and that extra plate of cookies calling your name.

What do you think. Slimming jeans, helpful or hideous?

-- Melissa Magsaysay

Left photo: M'Chic jeans $98. Credit: M'Chic

Right photo: LL Bean $59. Credit: LL Bean

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Not Your Daughter Jeans are very good also.

Eat less...

Peckinpah's: Always good advice, but remember not all weight gain is from eating. Childbirth can add a couple pounds too.

More Sears catalog photography...burn the pastel back drops pleeeeese!!!

Another way to banish the muffin top is to buy a pair of jeans that fit. Trying to cram in to a smaller size only leads to fat overflow. No one knows what size you're wearing. Buy jeans that fit you today, and you'll benefit from knowing you look great in them. You can always tell people you're wearing a zero, if sizes mean that much to you.

Childbirth can add weight? No childbirth doesn't make you gain weight. Many woman have babies and end up weighing less than when they got pregnant. The "childbirth" weight is from over-eating.


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