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The buzz about Melvita beauty products

November 3, 2009 |  9:58 am

7970 When traveling, I love buying beauty products only found abroad.  There’s something chic about the packaging and the fact that it can’t be bought in the US.  And so what if I can’t understand the language on the bottle or read the possibly harmful ingredients -- it looks really cool perched in my shower. 

Melvita, an organic beauty and skin care line from France, is one of those cool, well-packaged brands that I would gravitate to in an apothecary-style shop in Europe. 

But starting Wednesday, no plane ticket is necessary -- Melvita will be available online.  And in January, the first U.S. store will open in San Francisco.

The line was started by a beekeeper/biologist who uses all-natural ingredients, including royal jelly, lime tree sap and green tea in his products.  There’s stuff for men, women, babies and even jars of honey straight from the farm in Ardeche, France. 

Melissa Magsaysay

Photo: Melvita products; credit: Melvita