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Steven Alan’s take on the perfect travel bag

Getting frustrated with schlepping heavy and lopsided luggage through the airport terminal, when all you really want is to look effortlessly chic while traveling just like Angelina Jolie?  (Though come to think of it, I’ve never actually seen her toting around any cumbersome bags.)

Cool, bi-coastal retailer Steven Alan went to Australia to get inspired by the country and the travel experience.  Now he’s in the process of making the perfect bag, based on places he went while Down Under, making sure it’s got all the compartments, straps and reinforced seams he thought would make packing and lugging much easier, not to mention stylish.

He’s still in the sketching and developing phase and welcomes your feedback as to what you’d like to see appear on a perfect bag.  Visit his blog to check out the bag and comment.

The bag is set to hit Steven Alan stores and this January.

-- Melissa Magsaysay

Sketch for the perfect travel bag by Steven Alan

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What Steve is coming up with is almost exactly a copy of the smaller one of the cheap, tough travel bags made to advertise Camel cigarettes about a quarter of a century ago. Except for the color. The Camel bags were khaki and I'd buy another today if I could. Buy more as Christmas gifts.

The bags were sold and weren't expensive. Even we non-smokers were buying the brilliant things. Mine went round the world with me three and a half times before failing (not collapsing, just springing at the joints), always as cabin luggage and frequently the only luggage I needed for my international trips. Excellent size was one of the design smarts. I hope this new bag firs within the dimensions rigorously enforced by the most niggardly of international airlines -- keeping the bag with me at all times was a major benefit

The one thing Steve has missed is the appropriate handles. The Camel bags had conventional paired handles just big enough to jam over one shoulder when we wanted our hands free. This was a common use. The handles weren't, however, designed for it. The only deficiency I recall that that the handles couldn't be joined with a Velcro gripper. But doubtless Steve has thought of that already.

Posted by: paul lynch, australia |

needs wheels, man.


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