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Neiman Marcus for less this Christmas?

November 24, 2009 | 12:00 pm

Is it really almost Christmas, and not April Fool's Day?

There, among the scores of pages of shiny, shiny ads in the fashion magazine I was reading ... no,  it couldn't be.

Ad copy reading, ''Ooh la la for not a lot of moo la la ... Coast through the holidays at remarkable rates ... The best gifts of the season for a song ...''  All enticements to bargain prices.

At Neiman Marcus.

Neiman Marcus? Needless Markup, bragging about its low, low prices?

If you still aren't a believer in bad retail times, these ads alone should do it for you.

Now, NM's idea of ''not a lot of moo la la'' is rather different from mine -- $297 leggings, a $145 sequined T-shirt. But maybe in the NM shopper's universe, that is like shopping at Target.

But they'd still have to move the decimal point one space to the left to make a Neiman regular out of me. That's a Christmas miracle I'm not even bothering to ask Santa for.

-- Patt Morrison