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The foot bone's not connected to the brain bone -- is it?

September 10, 2009 |  2:55 pm

UggsDelighted to be posting on this oh-so-very-soignee site, and nattering about matters that concern me on the styling streets of Los Angeles.

Like this one that's been a puzzlement to me for a long time in L.A.

During last week's heat wave, when 100 degrees was the ''cooling-off'' period of the day, I saw at least a half-dozen young women wearing tanks or camisoles along with shorts or short skirts ... and Uggs,or knee-high buckskin boots! The sidewalks were sizzling, yet from the knees down they looked as if they were trudging through a Canadian winter.

Happens every year, and everywhere from WeHo and the Grove to downtown and Pasadena and Beverly Hills. And then, in the winter, for the few days that the cold rain is pummeling and the hail arrives like frozen 8-millimeter Mikimoto pearls, L.A. women course the shivery streets bundled into Michelin Man parkas and dashing pashminas -- with flip-flops on their wet bare feet! 

Are we such frontier gals that our feet, then, are the toughest part of us? Or can we simply not bear to give in entirely to seasonal chic and surrender our feet to the calendar and the barometer? 

Your thoughts are welcome, as you may have puzzled over this yourself.

Gotta go now and choose my inappropriate footwear for today.

-- Patt Morrison   

Photo: Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times