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Pearl Jam and Loomstate collaborate with Target for charity


When I first heard that Pearl Jam was partnering with Target, I glanced out the window to see if pigs were soaring overhead. After all, the Seattle-bred grunge band set the bar for not selling out in the '90s -- taking on Ticketmaster to reduce its exorbitant ticket fees and shunning arena-band fame and fortune with all their might.

But, true to form, the band's collaboration with the discount retailer was inspired by altruism. Together with upscale organic clothing brand Loomstate, the band has created a limited-edition T-shirt -- sold exclusively at Target stores and on -- to raise money for the National Hunger Relief Program ( All proceeds from the tee sales will benefit the charity.

And the liberal-fest doesn't end there. The 100% organic cotton T-shirt features a graphic of an astronaut playing drums in space by Tom Tomorrow, the pen name of lefty editorial cartoonist Dan Perkins, creator of the weekly comic strip "This Modern World." The otherworldly cartoon, which is clearly targeting dudes (Pearl Jam's core demo), was gleaned from the cover of the band's brand new album, "Backspacer."

In addition to the retail collab, Pearl Jam donated $1 for every ticket sold for a pair of recent Seattle shows to another hunger-relief charity, Food Lifeline. Target -- which is more famous for its for-profit collaborations -- matched the band's donation.

It's gotta be hard to say no to Eddie Vedder.

-- Emili Vesilind


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Look it's 2009...and Pearl Jam is a band first but definitely a business second and at the end of the day you gotta sell to pay the people who help you make records and live tours.

The Target exclusive deal was win-win for everybody. Pearl Jam got to sell their stuff on their fan website, in indie record shops, and then got a major retailer to help them showcase their new material in the mainstream media.

Target got to associate themselves with a popular good-values BRAND that comes with a demographic that buys plenty of the stuff that Target sells.

This deal with the t-shirt is just added good PR value for both Pearl Jam and Target.


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