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Bonobos battles breast cancer with pink pinwales and polos -- for the boys

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Most of the pink-colored merchandise that comes down the pike this time of year to help fund the battle against breast cancer is geared toward the gals, so it's nice to see the folks at Bonobos-- the online-only purveyor of pants we profiled back in 2008 -- serve up some stuff for the menfolk.

This October, Bonobos will be donating $5 from the sale of each pair of its pink, pinwale trousers ($118) or new pink polo shirts ($68) to The Pink Agenda, a nonprofit young professionals' organization dedicated to raising awareness of the issue, as well as funds  -- that in turn supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Sure, 5 bucks may not be a lot of cabbage toward the fight, but it's better than doing nothing. And since it's a fledgling company with trousers we like, we'll cut them
some slack(s).


And just remember: Even though joining the fight against breast cancer might be as easy as putting on a pair of pants, you'll still need to put them on one leg at a time.

-- Adam Tschorn

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Photos: Purchase a pink polo shirt, top, or pink pinwale corduroy trousers, bottom, from the Bonobos website in the month of October and they'll donate $5 to breast cancer charity The Pink Agenda. Photo credit: Bonobos

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