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Obama's new healthcare logo causes a Web frenzy

Rage_logo I've long appreciated the way the Obama campaign -- and later Obama administration -- has realized the importance and power of typefaces, symbols and logos (most recently in March, when I parsed the Recovery Act logo.

So my curiosity was piqued when one of the top Google searches popping up on my screen this afternoon had to do with Organizing for America's recent branding effort -- a round logo reminiscent of the campaign trail "O," partially filled with red and white stripes and topped with a caduceus, a herald's staff entwined with two snakes and topped with a pair of wings that is often used to symbolize the medical profession, though an argument rages as to whether it -- or the single-serpent, wingless "rod of Asclepius" is the more accurate mythological callback.

But that's not precisely the debate burning up the bandwidth today. Apparently some folks (including Rush Limbaugh) seem to feel the new insignia is reminiscent of some Nazi symbol or other.

That's a long way to go for a little in my book. It actually looks more like a "Golden Snitch" to me -- that's the winged, walnut-sized ball used in Quidditch -- the game Harry Potter and cohorts play on broomsticks in the J.K. Rowling book series.

And it actually makes more sense -- any young wizard will tell you the game isn't going to end until someone captures the Snitch. 

Rush Limbaugh, rev up your Nimbus 3000 broom, posthaste!

-- Adam Tschorn

Obama recovery plan's logo gets a critique

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Logo from Organizing for America

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The Caduceus has been the symbol of medicine since Hippocrates, the "father of medicine". This is just another incident that makes me wonder how someone as dumb as Limbaugh got hired for a radio show at all. I guess the producers are een dumber than he is.

You can laugh, but it does look like this symbol

that is on wikipedia. I think they should modify it to not offend people and to be politically correct.

No, Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. He entertains a certain group of people, and he does it well. They are enthralled by his madness, good for him; good for them. If only I could be rich enough to be that mad...

The moment I saw a picture of the logo, my first thoughts were, "That is a just like the Nazi Eagle Swastika."

I personally have not listened to Rush in years, so one cannot say that influenced my thoughts when I saw it.

That logo needs to be changed.

I personally do not think the designer had any intent to invoke any reference to the Nazi regime, but accidents do happen and this is a big one.

Rush is an entertainer for the dumb blind sheep he calls followers. “If they only had a brain”

Adam, you must be some kind of Harry Potter nut. How you cannot see the resemblense to the Nazi Swastika I don't understand. Yet you can see a resemblense to some ball in Harry Potter.
It may not have been Obama's intent, but that is what it looks like, a Nazi Swastika.

And there's a hill that looks the a Face on Mars and a potato chip that looks like Jesus Christ...people will see what they want to see. For one person it's a quiddich ball for another it's the Nazi symbol, for me it's just another lame logo. Why waste time debating a "LOGO" people...we should be debating the issues, but I forgot it's too complicated for most Americans to actually think, it's so much more fun accusing the other guy of being a Nazi.

Let's see:

Conservative groups organize large claques of people to shout down speakers at "Town Halls."

A symbol is created that consists of wings atop a circle.

Which action is more reminiscent of the tactics of the Nazi Party in the 1930's?

Um, guys? There is nothing in this image that looks remotely like a swastika. Not even a little bit.

It does kind of look like one of those nazi officer's hats you see in indiana jones movies. The arch over the top is like the top of the hat, the people standing around look like the brim of the hat. just my opinion.

The logo also looks a lot like the National Republican Congressional Committee's Call to Arms and the Marine Corps logo, not to mention a lot of other logos with circles and wings.

Find something better to complain about, people, like the violently disruptive tactics being used at Congressional town halls.

I me it looks like an eagle carrying a bowling ball dipped in blood.

Come on people.... WHO CARES WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE?! The debate should be about getting healthcare to the tens of millions without it, and creating a healthcare system that will not bankrupt America or Americans.

Come to think of it, an eagle carrying a bowling ball dipped in blood might actually be an appropriate symbol for the gravity of this healthcare debate. LOL.

The problem with our society today is that we are too damn sensitive. Giving meaning to innocent things. Racist here, racist there. C'mon...time to move on from the past and start building for the future. Stop wasting time critiquing a logo, instead start critiquing the real problem. Our Health Care System.

Once again Rush has shone a bright light on the hypocrisy of the left and their cohorts in the media!
If any of you would take the time to listen to Rush you would realize he does things for a reason and a purpose, in this case it was to prove that the left can get away with saying anything and never being called on it. Nancy Polosi told reporters this week that the town hall protestors were wearing nazi swastica's, she also said that these were not grass roots protestors, but an organized mob, this was and is a bold face lie designed to make the right look as if they are nothing but brainless thugs who haven't got a clue. The truth is, these are hard working Americans who are fed up with where are Gov is taking us, Democrat or Republican, and not having an outlet to voice our opinions, Becasue the left leaning media will not report anything fairly. So instead of the Media getting up in arms about the speaker of the house calling Good American Nazi's, they focus on and are outraged at what Rush said about the nazi symbol looking similar to Obama's Logo, now he know's and most good Americans Know that it Has little resemblance at all, But to prove a point about media bias, he throws it out there. Now I'm not going to lower myself to the level of some who consider us brainless sheep, But Rush threw out the bait, and once again you and the Media left has swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker!! Clssaic

If one is not aware of the Caduceus symbol or its history as an icon of medicine, they hardly qualify to comment on symbolism at all.

To mistake this for a Nazi symbol is to highlight the sad intellectual decline of a once proud and intelligent conservative party. We MUST stop this if any credibility is to return to the Republican party.

Uh, Bonnyvonny: NO, it doesn't look like a swastika at all. See your optometrist immediately for a vision checkup.

Less Symbols, More Results.

I don't think Barbie has the branding team Obama has, and I voted for the guy.

I really think he's going to fix alot of the problems he's inherited from the last 10 years, but really - enough with the cute little icons.

I know how to get the Rushies all wound up tho - OMG, Obama is making himself to be the God of Health!!! We can call it "Oduceus"

kinda looks like a Grateful Dead album cover......

I agree with the liberal bias - didn't the Navy have to tear down a building in the southland since someone discovered it looks like a Swastika in Google Earth/Maps? Let's see...Navy = Conservative = Unacceptable. Obama's Nazi Likeness = Liberal = acceptable. That's the bottom line - people see what they want to see and no liberal will ever see a problem with this logo.

I think what really is bothersome about the logo is all the people standing behind it as if we are all 100% in agreement and support - creepy if you ask me. It hints at the same propaganda put out by the Nazi's and Communists referring to themselves as the People's Party - "People's Republic of China" anyone, or how about "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" aka North Korea. "People's?" Yeah right.

Funny, I saw this Obama health care symbol and I thought immediately of the Nazi symbol on the poster for INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.

No, Navy Building....

I think it's more Swastika = Unacceptable.

Navy just happened to be the unlucky group that owned the building.

Besides, nothing creeped me out more than George Bush going on and on about "Defending the Homeland". Now that was something dredged out of the Socialist Ideological Trash Heap.....

A country thats signs off on the use of the blatantly Nazi
codeword of "homeland," is a country that deserves a supposedly Nazi symbol for the corporate healthcare fraud that will enacted by representatives of America's phony democracy.
I like Obama, but the American political system is a sham.
And talking about symbols is pretty effing banal right about now.

You are all wrong....It looks more like the squid faced captain from Pirates of the Carribean

"Apparently some folks (including Rush Limbaugh) seem to feel the new insignia is reminiscent of some Nazi symbol or other."

Rush Limbaugh? Kind of like O.J. looking for the real killer.

The logo is a variation of the old AMA logo

Huh? It's a caduceus, the medical symbol. I don't see a swastika anywhere in this image. Next thing you know, they will be screaming about the American Bald Eagle, which has been a longtime symbol of our country.

I don't know why the administration doesn't just explain this stuff, the logo is based on the US Medical Core insignia. And some of you people are obviously much more well versed in Nazi regalia than the insignias that have been in use for decades by our own military. Shame on you!


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