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Obama on the mound: A White Sox jacket and Levi's 501s a pitcher of style

barack obama first pitch major league all-star game st. louis During the campaign season, I noted that candidate Barack Obama was wearing what looked like high-waisted "dad jeans." Maybe that was a one-off fashion faux pas, a bad camera angle or he likes to just hike 'em up high, but Tuesday night when he took the pitcher's mound to throw out the first pitch of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in St. Louis, in addition to his beloved White Sox jacket the president was wearing what a Levi Strauss rep confirmed were Levi's Red Tab 501 jeans.

It's worth noting that his predecessor in the Oval Office was a die-hard Wrangler man, and wore that brand during his frequent brush-clearing excursions to the Crawford ranch.

Though I'm certainly not the first to note the shifting denim allegiance -- in an April 4 "Saturday Night Live" opening sketch (see below), Fred Armisen's Fauxbama rattled off an interminably long list of what companies and brands, under his administration, would be supported and which ones wouldn't: "Blue jeans-- Levi... YES. Wrangler... NO."

It underscores my observations about brand preferences as a reflection of the two different kinds of people in this world, the same way the Coke versus Pepsi and Mac versus PC debates do.

No matter, though. It's pretty clear that whatever side the leaders of the free world come down on, they still have to put those pants on one leg at a time.

-- Adam Tschorn


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Photo: President Obama throws out the first pitch of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on Tuesday at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Photo credit: Tim Sloan / AFP/Getty Images

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Obama the athlete? The wimp couldn't even throw the ball all the way to home plate. The media love this guy because he's as narcissistic, phony and anti-American as they are.

This is the grammar police!

Obama donned not "dawned". Levis 501 jeans.

You are sentenced to 1 hour of community service!

Donned, not dawned, you dummies. A sad reminder of declining literacy flaunted by one of our leading newspapers.

I'm curious as to why it would be considered a fashion faux pas for the POTUS to wear jeans that don't sit so low you can tell what brand of underwear he prefers. Being the President of the United States of America I'd expect him to show some class, not a bit of ass.

Actually Windfall Obama did make it all the way across the plate. It would have been low but it was across, unlike W.'s first attempt at throwing out a first pitch, which he bounced a good five feet in front of the plate.

Windfall,you're as dumb as your comment.Check out his history.He was a starter on his Hawaii State Basketball Championship team,and turned down an athletic scholarship to attend pre law classes. Your pointed hood and burning cross are showing.

Windfall = Freak

How appropriate that you highlight his choice of brand name jeans to sport while projecting his image du jour. What you neglected to mention is that Levi 501's are no longer an American made product and in fact represent yet another US corporation forced to seek cheaper foreign labor markets and operating costs in order to provide product - albeit a lower quality and less durable one - to the United State consumers.
Having been a steadfast Levi 501 jean wearer for 40+ years, this abandonment of US workers caused me to switch to Wranglers without a moment's reflection of fashion or trendiness much less giving one thought to what any president wears. I'm too busy with concerns for my fellow citizens, yet Obama flaunts the worst of what he challenges?

Pujols was in front of the plate and Obama's pitch was short of the plate. The guy's a nerd. He may be able to shoot a basketball, but he bowled a 37, and throws like a weak girl. Bush thtrows like a real man. Obama wore the Sox jacket so he'd have a plausible reason why the fams were booing- couldn't be that they were booing the Chosen One. No. Can't have that.

And "dawned" not donned? Yea, you journalists are really sharp.

Obama the socialist is no athlete ! The state run media just loves this guy. You forgot to tell us what brand of socks and underwear he was wearing? President of the World you through like a wimp!

President Obama through from the actual mound. Most politicians throw the first pitch from a few feet in front of the mound. It looked like a slow curve to me. Good job prez.

He throws like a girl.

Windfall spelled his name wrong, The correct spelling is " windbag"


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