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Kiehls' new Rare Earth collection will close your pores

July 28, 2009 |  1:59 pm




This warm weather is the worst for anyone with large pores and oily skin. You can’t powder over them or slap some foundation across the t-zone area. Those gaping pores just sit there collecting more grime and dirt from the L.A. atmosphere. 

Thankfully, Kiehls just launched a line it calls Rare Earth dedicated to shrinking those suckers. I’ve tried the line and have to say: What pores? My skin is matte and smooth without being taut and dry.

791_l The Amazonian white clay absorbs oils and makes pores disappear. I found the cleanser to work double duty as an exfoliator and makeup remover and the mask is a good thing to do once a week, especially while the weather remains really warm and balmy.

-- Melissa Magsaysay