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Michelle Obama's new hairdo or don't?

Michelle Obama new hairstyle new hairdo

Don't call it the Rachel, the Farrah or even the Kate (Gosselin). First Lady and fashion plate Michelle Obama showed off a new bob hairstyle that's all her own at a country music celebration at the White House last night. The shorter look is no doubt cooler for summer, but it reads a bit matronly to me. What do you think? Modern or matronly?

-- Booth Moore

Pictures: Michelle Obama, fashion icon

Farrah Fawcett, more famous celebrity hairstyles 

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Photo: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrive at a celebration of country music in the East Room of the White House. Photo credit: Matthew Cavanaugh-Pool/Getty Images

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I think its lovely, and fits her elegance and finess that she carries about herself.

Ciao 4 now!

Liked the longer hair better on her.

We all need something new once in a while. I think she looks great.

I love Michelle's new cut, it makes her look so much younger.

Perfect! She looks younger, it reveals her face so nicely. That longer hair style she had always seemed to separate in pieces in an inelegant, clunky way.

I like it! she look good

Who gives a crap?

It is youthful, classic, and more flattering than the top knot we all resort to in the heat of summer. The swept-bangs look is softer on her face. Personally, she looks good no matter what. Heck, I think the FLOTUS could pull off a bald look a la Iman, but this is her best style, yet.


I love Michelle and I love her hair.

I don't care. I just want to know what she pays for healthinsurance, if an illegal is after her or her husband's job or identity and if she's spending my money to cruise the world when her kids are out of school.

I think the new style suits her face. Just get her to drop those high waist belts and she will continue to turn heads in the fashion industry.

I think her hair style elevates her appearance to first lady status as opposed to her last hairstyle, which quite frankly made her look as if she was part of the kitchen staff.

It suits her, though she could soften it with a little more "pieciness" around the face. The photo may give the wrong impression because of the light, but the style looks a bit helmet-like. That's easy to fix.

Michelle is the ipitomy of elegance and grace! It brings out her beautiful smile and happy eyes even more!

she still looks like a man...

Gee, Booth,
I think YOUR hairstyle could use a bit of an update.
Kind of like you're trying to look younger than you are...

Michelle continues to look great. I hope she is able to use her stature to bring attention to her various causes. I don't think that haircuts are on that list, though.

I like her with longer hair. I think this hairstyle makes her look like Laura Bush. It's cut the same way. Why do all the first ladies haircuts have to look the SAME!!!!

It's lovely. Very Laura Bush.

I think the shorter hairstyle looks very nice. Wish she'd really take a chance, lose the weave and go natural, but we know that's not gonna happen.

she looks great!

Mrs. Obama is so far from a "fashion icon" it is ridiculous. She is far too large to wear the skin tight clothes she wears all the time, she is not one bit graceful (walks like a cow). Seriously, people, if Mrs. Bush had EVER stepped out in one of the get ups that Mrs. Obama wears, she'd have been criticized like mad. She has de-classed the White House with her red, purple, and bright blue pants and tennis shoes and big behind. Come out of your dellusion and get real.

Very modern, young and stylish. Perfect.

More razzle dazzle. Barry O's numbers are dropping. The people are finally awakening to what this man is they trot out MamaObama to get the press and many peoples focus off of Barry O and his failing administration.

It worked a few months ago...No longer

With her enormous vision as a first lady, educational and personal background, community service, and dedication as a wife and mother, aren't there deeper issues we could focus on where our first African-American first lady is concerned? Such shallow topics as hair-styles, fashion, and toned arms do not come up when we focus on male leaders.

It's becoming and VERY MODERN !

She's a very busy FIRST LADY ! She can't be "fussing and mussing" with all kinds of ridiculous hairdos, even though she has her own 'stylist'.

It's a "no fuss, no muss" BEAUTIFUL DO !


MO is definitely not a fashionista or fashion icon. Worst taste in clothes of any first lady. Hair looks like a helmet. Ugly! MO should stick to parenting & gardening. She'd we well advised to stay out of the limelight. It's enough putting up with the daily BO news exposure. Yuck!

"For the first time in my life, I am NOT proud of my first lady!" She and her marxist husband are ruining this country at warp speed. They should both be deported to a muslim country so they can practice thier hatred of America with other like minded zealots.

I think it looks fabulous on her. Takes off at least 10 yeara and if anything creates a more girlie feel to the first lady. Well done. Live long and prosper.

A definite improvement

Michelle Obama's move to lose the dress sleeves was a good move but to lose the hair means gaining an old fashioned Laura Bush look.

regardless of what hairstyle she wears, she'll always look like the grape ape!

When the U.S. has its first female President, will media coverage of the First Gentleman focus on his clothing and hairstyle choices? Of course not; they'll focus on what he does. Can we have some real journalism please? Thanks.

Her new hairdo is worth a compliment.
It fits her nicely.
She can were bright colors and it is okay.

Any blonde is not the "All American Beauty." Many of us black, brown and yellow ones can be too. (No known green's)

Guy Talisse, wrote that if the hips of the the so-called American beauty get any slimmer and the breast any larger, you will have the male figure with breasts.

So you go first lady with a real behind!

First Lady Obama is lovely in her right.

Americans come in other colors than vanilla, so does beauty and class.

My brown people have served in many US wars. Going back to the Civil War and WWI and WWII and Vietnam and Iraq.

This healthcare rant and underlying torrent of bleached blondes is annoying. The one shown screaming in the news last night over and over is annoying. You are not any more special than the rest of America.

Obama get me healthcare plan, please. I pay $450 p/mo to Kaiser and I had to join a clinical trial to get much needed lumbar back surgery. In my pre-op they found a spot on my lung and my health plan will not give me the recommended catscan by a top doctor in Santa Monica.

Definitely a "don't". She now has a serious case of helmet head, which is an unflattering look on any woman, of any age and any political persuasion.

Booth, you should be the LAST person to judge anyone' s style. Update yourself! Hair and clothing!

I LOVE the new hairdo. It makes her look younger and prettier.


What business is it of ours to care ot not?

Ew. No. Reminds me too much of Laura Bush!

Who cares? Be afraid of "government run healthcare". Who cares if she even has hair.?

Love it, love it, love it! She looks great!

I don't think she cut it. It is just styled differently.

I wasn't a big fan of her hair for the last 18 months. This is sexy and sophisticated, a big step in the right direction.

Amen. mjc

If the First Lady is satisfied, who am I to judge? One of the reasons why I like her so much is she does her thing, she is not trying to please everyone. Thats what make me so proud of her.

Change is good, It's a good temporary look, II'd like to see her go back to the other style by the end of the year.

Short hair frames the face and draws the viewer there. Michelle is lovely and doesn't need long hair to detract from her face. She looks lovely. I have to laugh at the person who thought it was "matronly." When those of us who came to maturity in the 60's and 70's, with our long, long locks, we thought we were somehow looking young! Oh, why didn't someone tell us the truth? After you are a grownup there is no advantage to looking like a teenage if you want to be treated as a professional.

I've thought that Halle Berry lost something when she went long. Her face is soo gorgeous and her short hair wasn't a detraction. The long hair dwarfs her gorgeous face.

I do not give a hoot, start suporting comunist China and bring the jobs back,- we all need to work so we can have money for haircuts.

Fashion icon? She lumbers like a bear and seems to believe that if a piece of clothing has a "label", then it must be OK. Michelle has worn some outfits that are so unattractive they're comical - she often looks like the hired help!

Her hairstyle is an improvement, but it reminds me of the internet picture of the cat with a lime rind helmet.

Believe it or not, I LIKE Michelle. She has many great qualities, but face it folks -- the empress isn't wearing any clothes.

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