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Seen on Screen: 'The Hangover' T-shirt -- for the wolf pack of one

As someone who has suffered through more than his fair share of Vegas-caused hangovers, I couldn't wait to repair to the cool confines of the Cinerama Dome on Saturday to watch the cast of "The Hangover" lurch and careen through their collective waking nightmare (apparently I wasn't the only one --  over in the Calendar section, Patrick Goldstein reports that the movie took the top spot at the weekend box office with $45 million in ticket sales).Rage_zach

I won't rehash the plot (LAT film critic Betsy Sharkey reviewed the movie in Friday's paper), but I just wanted to point out the fantastic graphic T-shirt that Zach Galifianakis' character (Alan Garner) wears extensively (and sometimes solely) throughout the movie.  

Gray, with a dusky orange sun on the left side, it depicts a flock of birds and a few sparse trees -- a coniferous of indeterminate origin sprouting from a veined face in profile and a bare deciduous near the belt line.

Although it's already been plastered on billboards and bush shelter ads all over town, the shirt's hilarity isn't fully apparent until you see Galifianakis' character in action.

The heavy hipster melancholy vibe of the design contrasts perfectly with Galifianakis' quirky, oddball character -- with the man purse (er, "satchel") and white jeans completing the look.

My sleuthing has turned up the following details: made by Junk Food Clothing, the T-shirt style is called "Human Tree" and sold through the Urban Outfitters retail chain.

Though no longer available online, a quick phone call to the Melrose Avenue store here in Los Angeles confirmed that some shirts can still be found at brick-and-mortar locations -- and on sale for $24 each (it usually retails for $28).

In case you're too hung over to do the math, that's four extra bucks to stash in that strappy leather man purse and spend at the craps table next time you're doubling down in Vegas.

-- Adam Tschorn

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Photo: Zach Galifianakis in "The Hangover." Credit: Warner Brothers.

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By chance do you know what watch Bradley Cooper wore in The Hangover as well as what brand of shirt he was wearing for most of the movie?

Hey Adam,
i'm with you. Galifianakis made that movie for me.
i'm impressed with your treasure hunting skills.
how do you do it?
i'm spending waaay too much time trying to find out who designed the sunglasses heather graham/s character wears in the scene where they go to her apartment.
any help?

Where can you purchase the Alan's satchel?

The shirt is also, I belive, available at nordstroms. Somewhere not too difficult to find.

I've never seen the hangover... I bought this shirt and then saw a picture of someone's on halloween as Alan Garner, duly embarrassed, returned it

Allen's (Zach's) t-shirt from the Hangover 2 is out and for sale now too if anyone is interested. I actually think it's funnier than his shirt from the original Hangover.

This is the most hipster thing I have ever said, but I actually had that t-shirt BEFORE the movie came out. Now when I wear it people laugh, and it's annoying because I thought it was a cool t-shirt before zach made it into a joke.


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