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Michelle Obama sparkles in J. Crew

michelle obama j.crew jcrew g-20 summit michelle obama europe

Against a backdrop of protests and economic angst, the fashion parade continues in London at the G-20  summit. Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama took off for London wearing an ivory Thakoon coat, then changed clothes on the plane before arriving in a chartreuse Jason Wu dress (love that, someone who travels in style).

By this morning, for a breakfast with Prime Minister Gordon Brown's wife, Sarah, and a visit to a cancer center, Obama had jettisoned the high-priced designer labels in favor of more fiscally conscious J. Crew -- a cheery, crystal-studded ivory cardigan and mint green jacquard pencil skirt.

The cardigan, by the way, is already sold out. (You can find similar beaded styles from the 1950s at almost any vintage store.) Next up, tea and cucumber sandwiches with the queen. Don't bet on seeing a hat, but maybe a sleeveless dress.

--Booth Moore

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Photo: Sarah Brown, wife of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and First Lady Michelle Obama visit Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre in western London. Credit: Leon Neal / EPA

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I don't like this look at all. The color--mint green--looks awful. Who wears that? It doesn't go with her top. And what's the deal with those sequins? During the day?! The rolled-up sleeve thing isn't working for her, either. This was a very poorly conceived styling idea.

the picture doesn't do her justice. On the news this morning she looked fabulous.

I disagree with the first post. she looks simply incredible. I would never have thought to put those two colors together, but the woman wears it and looks like a barbie doll. she looks wonderful. I love the glitzy sweater, I love the skirt. Sarah brown's dress is nice but it looks sad. plus I hated the stockings. but I guess in england thats the way they dress up. Michelle Obama rocks.

Michelle Obama looks warm, approachable, friendly and every inch the perfect representative for the USA. The outfit is smart without being edgy - fun without being sloppy -- simply pretty while maintaining style. I liked it for this occasion of visiting a hospital (?) type facility. I especially loved the two outfits Michelle wore on the plane and exiting the plane. She's coming into her own with style. Beautiful first lady!

She looks great, the colors blend nicely but still have contrast and I like that the sweater with cropped sleeves and the beaded embellishment give the outfit a little oomph.

It's nice to have an intelligent First Lady who has the sense to dress well, and economically. Beige, ecru and mint don't go together? Since when?

It's also nice to see that as the cherry blossom festival proceeds, Spring colors are coming out of the closet to welcome the season.

Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The president is fortunate to have such a beautiful, stylish, smart wife. WE the American citizens are fortunate that we missed the 'McCian/Palin" bullet!

(Anyone besides me thing that First lady Michelle reminds you of "Christy Love?")

This woman is embarrassing. MO has no sense of decorum. Now photos are coming out of her wearing a sweater and what looks like a tank top to meet the Queen. It's NOT supposed to be about what MO wants to wear. Just pitiful.

I saw the photo where First Lady Michelle Obama, went to meet Queen Elizabeth II, there is nothing inappropriate with her outfit. She looked demure, classic, and a bit informal. But the visit wasn't a formal one where such glamorous attire would have been necessary. I think by the effect was not to dimish the Queen in dressing too flashy for the meeting. In anycase Michelle is stunning, and a beauty to behold.

You are so simple.That photo was taken well before the visit with the so-called queen.

I don't love that particular sweater with the skirt, but it isn't that bad. Seriously though, that skirt is too tight. It shouldn't bunch up that way.

i so want this sweater boo hoo sold out i want it in a large even used

That sweater is $298.00 online. That's affordable? Not in the US recession.

It looks tacky too and makes her look flat chested and brings attention to her waist....makes her look bigger than she is.

Michelle is trying to hard. She should wear classic styles and long lines and she will look fabulous. Save this type of look for school events with the girls.

More chic and style for diplomatic visits too. The sleeveless look also makes her top look small, bottom big.


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