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Michelle Obama gets all dolled up in newest 'flatwear' collection


The folks who gave us the presidential candidate paper dolls last year released a new book last month titledRage_obama_Narciso "President Barack Obama and His Family Paper Dolls: The Inaugural Edition." And while he may be the commander in chief on paper, the star of these pages is Michelle Obama (and to a lesser extent Sasha and Malia, who were given scant attention in the earlier book).

Among the six outfits included (the girls share four looks, the president himself has six, most of which are variations on his Hart Schaffner Marx suits) are the J. Crew cardigan, Italian Deco tank top and sheath skirt outfit Mrs. O was wearing on her Oct. 27, 2008, appearance on "The Tonight Show," the black-on-red Thakoon number she wore to the Democratic National Convention acceptance speech, her Jason Wu-designed silk chiffon inaugural ball gown, and the sunshine-yellow, custom-made Isabel Toledo dress and Jimmy Choo shoes she wore to the inauguration.

But our favorite is "Plate 8": the red-and-black satin Narciso Rodriguez dress and Loree Rodkin diamond bangle bracelets and earrings she was wearing on election night in Chicago. 

And maybe it's  just us, but Mrs. Obama looks pretty good on paper.

-- Adam Tschorn

"President Barack Obama and His Family Paper Dolls: The Inaugural Edition," by Tom Tierney (Dover Publications April, 2009).

Photos: The Obama family in Chicago's Grant Park on November 4, 2008. Credit: Joe Raedle / Getty Images. At right, the paper doll version of Michelle Obama's outfit from the same night as depicted in "President Barack Obama Paper Dolls."


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She's disgusting, ugly and both are failed products of affirmative action.

Cigarbat, thanks for sharing your nastiness with us. Your comment reflects far more on you than substantiating any truths about Michelle.

The section about 'MObama icon of fashion' is still ongoing? LOL. I'm going to get nauseous at this point...
This woman is NOT pretty and i am no gun loving hard-core republican.
PS: actually i was able to find only one photo or her where signs of nausea are only mild, it is the photo on the right, where her head is removed

this overwhelming attention paid to what michelle obama is wearing is tawdry. i would have believed this topic to be below the la times standards as well as its readers.

please stop this inane subject

please stop pandering to audiences who desire such cheap gossip and superficial news.

You can have Michelle's casual style, too. Check out

Why is everyone hating on MO? She is a representation of true beauty! She's not perfectly pretty, some say she's too tall and her arms are too buff, but in reality she is a far prettier than any other first lady and her inner beauty even surpasses her outer. She deserves her own paper doll, her own clothing line, and a portrait on every magazine cover! Go MO!


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