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'Twilight' DVD release and clothing line launch Saturday at Kitson


I believe I am the last person on Earth who has not read the "Twilight" books nor seen the movie, but I get it -- everyone loves it and I’ve been told repeatedly that I need to get on the vampire bandwagon immediately. Trust me, it’s on my “to do” list. 

I may just get my chance to see it this weekend, when the DVD comes out. To mark the occasion, Kitson on Robertson Boulevard is selling a “limited edition bundle” with the DVD, movie-inspired tote bag and sweatshirt. The store has also teamed up with Awake, Inc and created a "Twilight" T-shirt line of thermals, tunic tops and hoodies with graphics from the film.

Only 200 tickets are being sold to the event. The price of admission is $75 and also gets you the "bundle" of vampire-themed goods including the DVD, sweatshirt and tote bag. 

Tickets can be purchased at

Saturday, March 21, 2-4 p.m. at Kitson, 115 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

-- Melissa Magsaysay

Kitson "Twilight" event invitation. Credit: Kitson

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I highly suggest you reading the book first.

Trust me. As someone who teaches high school and has read the books and watched the movie because so many of my female students loved Twilight, you can skip it. The book isn't that well written. Also, the main characters, Bella and Edward, have rightly raised concerns among feminists because of Edward and Bella's relationship. It's not a very healthy one. Edward is controlling and manipulative and Bella is far too willing to go along with it. Edward tries to control who Bella's friends are, even disabling Bella's car when he leaves town for the weekend so that Bella can't go and see one of her friends, Jacob. To keep Bella from calling Jacob, Edward bribed his sister with a Porsche to "kidnap" Bella every time he leaves town. Also, Edward stalks Bella and spends all night, every night, in her bedroom keeping an eye on her. Edward won't have sex with Bella before they're married in order to ensure that Bella marries him and so forth an so on. To all of this and more, Bella gives the classic response of women in a bad relationship when she defends Edward's behavior, "He only does it because he loves me and wants to protect me." As someone who works with young women, it worries me how many of my young female students want Edward as a boyfriend.

i love the books and the movie. can not wait tpo get the DVD and all the books!

Look at the street Address. Kitson, 115 S. Robertson Blvd.
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. LOL.. They sound alike.

I am bothered by the comment made about Edward being manipulative and abusive... or Bella being a typical victim... It's funny thinking that something as a fictional character would have me jumping to defense. But the ideas behind these characters have made me say something. I have read all the books, at least twice now, and I still find it refreshing that there is just that deep core of love there. I have heard said that some think the draw to his character is the temptation of something forbidden. But it's more than that. If you read between the lines he really just wants to take care of her. Protect her. To the point of over-doing it at times, I dont deny. But this is his first and last love. He doesnt want to lose her and yet he doesnt want to detroy her by making her like him. How do you not mention that he TRIES to keep her away from Jacob, ( and only Jacob, not her "normal" friends) only because he is worried that Jacob might lose control and hurt her. Then you dont mention that he relents because he sees he is being unreasonable and it hurts her. Taking her to see Jacob.
The one that cracks me up is holding out the sex... lol. too funny. It is such a crime for a guy to bribe a girl with sex. Because she has to want it so bad that she will give in. He wasnt going to have sex with her anyways, it was her manipulations that got that compromise to come about. He asked for her hand in marriage in return HE would be the one to turn her. It wasnt even about sex, he wasnt going to have it with her, but she got her way. Of course Bella is such a victim she falls right along with all the plans he has for her. Does anything he says to do. YEAH RIGHT! She still did what she wanted to do. Vicitms are afraid. She wasnt afraid of him at all. Some people would say she had her cake and eat it too. I think she makes out in the end. Who wouldn't want a boyfriend that cherished and loved her so much he would do ANYTHING for her. Has money, looks, eternity to spend it all in. Sheesh, read the books, all four of them. I really hope that Stephenie Meyer can find it in herself to finish writing Edwards POV. It would help understand him better. Whatever, this is my one fan obsessed rant that I will allow myself to have over one of my favorite stories. LOVE IT.

I understand that a lot of Twilighters are going to be upset by my analysis. I hope that I address all of the issues that you raised about response.

1. Edward and Bella love each other; therefore, they can't be in anything but a healthy relationship.

There are plenty of people out there in unhealthy relationships who love each other and have a hard time being away from one another. Those criteria don't make Edward and Bella's relationship healthy.

I haven't looked into this but some people have called their relationship codependent.

2. Edward isn't manipulating Bella because Bella gets Edward and becomes a vampire in the end.

Wrong again. Remember, that Carlisle agreed to make Bella a vampire even if Edward didn't want him to do it. So, Bella was becoming a vampire after graduation whether or not she married Edward. Bella just gets the bonus of Edward doing it because she agrees to marry Edward first.

And as for the sexual manipulation, Edward is very clear in Eclipse that he's withholding it to make sure that Bella walks down the aisle with him. You might want to re-read the scene where Edward and Bella have the house all to themselves because the Cullens are out hunting. That scene was in Eclipse.

Edward shouldn't be playing these games with Bella in order to get her to marry him. He should make a convincing argument for marriage and let her decide what to do. If she's not ready yet, Edward should respect that and wait until Bella is ready. All Bella wants is time and Edward has nothing but time on his hands, being all immortal.

3. Edward isn't manipulating Bella because he relents and lets her see Jacob.

Partially right. Edward does let Bella see Jacob; however, he drives Bella to the border of the reservation where he and Jacob stare down each other. Then, he comes and picks up Bella when she wants to go home. One day, when Bella goes there on her own without telling Edward. Edward tailgates Bella with his lights blaring through her rear windshield all the way back into town.

In a healthy relationship, Bella would use her truck to drive herself to see Jacob whenever she wanted to see him and she wouldn't have to tell her boyfriend she was going to Jacob's house.

Edward almost treats her like a child in these scenes and Bella goes along with it. It's exasperating.

4. Jacob's dangerous, so Edward's right in trying to keep Bella from seeing him.

You're correct in the Jacob's dangerous part but you forget. He could go werewolf on her. However, don't forget that Edward is dangerous too. Edward has told Bella on numerous occasions that he would love to drain her to the last drop. That realty doesn't give Edward any room to prevent Bella from seeing Jacob because he might go wolfie on her.

Also, Jacob seems to have good control over himself unless Bella's relationship with Edward is thrown in his face. That's Jacob's Achilles' heal-jealousy that Edward has Bella. As long as Bella avoids raising jealousy, she should be okay around Jacob. He even seems able to be physically intimate with Bella more easily than Edward without hurting her.

5. Bella and Edward have a great relationship because Edward's rich and handsome and Bella's not afraid of him.

That doesn't make it a great relationship. Bella doesn't have to be afraid of Edward in order for his actions to be controlling and manipulative. Bella's like the prisoner who hasn't seen the bars yet.

Lin brings up the fact that Edward's rich and handsome as a defense of his behavior. Money and looks shouldn't even enter the picture. They're superficial. I have a rich, handsome uncle in Texas. The only thing he doesn't have on Edward is immortality. My uncle doesn't treat his wife that way. You can find a rich, handsome man who treats you chivalrously without doing things like disabling your car because he doesn't like your friends and tailgating you because you went to see your friend without notifying him. You don't have to put up with it like Bella does.

6. I didn't read the books; therefore, I don't know them and I'm just making Lin LOL.

Wrong again. I read each of the books two to four times just to make sure I wasn't having a knee jerk reaction to Bella and Edward's relationship.


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