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Should Obama jettison the jacket on 'Tonight Show'?

March 16, 2009 |  4:51 pm

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After our cousin blog The Dish Rag posted the news that our commander in chief would be making a presidential pit stop on "The Tonight Show," we got to wondering how he might be dressed (yup, that's what we do over here at the Rage).

The Obamas have already been the recipients of more than their fair share of sartorial sniping since taking up residence in the White House, from her bare arms to his graying temples and everything in between. But few things have drawn more wardrobe wailing from the previous administration than President Obama's Oval Office business casual attire -- jettisoning the jacket, rolling up the sleeves and taking off the tie (even though photos of dressed-down Bush surfaced just a short time later).

So what's No. 44 going to wear on the NBC sound stage when he takes a seat on the couch? When he last appeared -- as candidate Obama -- he wore a white button-front dress shirt and navy blue suit. Will he -- and more important, should he -- do the same or does his new job mean he has to kick it up a notch and wear a necktie?

Or perhaps he should forgo the tie and the jacket -- and roll up his shirtsleeves like he did on the campaign trail when he was trying to get his message out to Johnny Lunch Bucket in the Rust Belt; a way of telling us he's hard at work on bailing out the U.S. economy.

The way I see it, anything short of those high-waisted Drew Peterson jeans are fine by us -- as long as he's keeping his eye on the ball.

What do you think?

-- Adam Tschorn


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Photo: Then-Sen. Barack Obama on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on Oct. 17, 2007. Credit: Reed Saxon / Associated Press.