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Public memorial set to honor TapouT founder Charles 'Mask' Lewis

mask memorial service charles lewis charles lewis jr charles lewis junior tapout founder co-founder mask funeral mask public memorial tapout funeral A week after he died in a Newport Beach auto accident, plans have been announced to memorialize the life of Charles "Mask" Lewis, cofounder of the multimillion-dollar TapouT  brand of mixed martial arts clothing, accessories and fighter-promotion.

According to a press release issued this morning, the memorial will be titled Simply Believe: A Celebration of Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis Jr.” The service is scheduled for April 14 at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif. The 11:00 a.m. service will be open to the public.

The release also included statements from TapouT cofounder Dan Cladwell, crew member Timothy "SkySkrape" Katz and President Marc Kreiner praising Lewis' efforts at marketing the burgeoning sport and thanking fans.

“We first and foremost want to thank everyone -– TapouT fans, [the] mixed marital arts community andmask memorial service charles lewis charles lewis jr charles lewis junior tapout founder co-founder mask funeral mask public memorial tapout funeral more -– for their kind words and support in the wake of Mask’s death,” Caldwell said in the release.

"Whether you’re a fan of MMA or not, Charles’ goal was to inspire people to make a difference in the world and never settle for anything less than their dreams. With TapouT, he reached more people than we could have ever imagined, and his dedication to the sport and brand will live on forever through his fans around the world.”

Additional details about the memorial will be posted as they become available.

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Photos: TapouT co-founder Charles "Mask" Lewis signs autographs and chats with a young fan at a mixed martial arts expo in Long Beach in August. Credit: Adam Tschorn.

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Any toxicology reports yet for mr. mask? Any reports on how fast his car was traveling prior to being cut in half? I take these things into account when deciding how much I should mourn.

Heath Ledger dies from a drug overdose and wins an Oscar. He's not an drug addict, he's just a misunderstood artist?

The Mask dies from a Drunken Street Race and you want to have a memorial for this guy, Really? What kind of message are we sending? Its OK to be a Drug Addict if your a rich actor, its OK to drive drunk and street race because your the rich founder of a clothing company.
Where is the story on the poor girl that got ripped out of the car when it split in half.

The saying goes, When you play with fire your going to get burned!

No Pity for the Burned!

Lets save the space for real news!!!!!

When/where is the memorial for the Ferrari?

Stop abusing Ferraris,

That is the funniest thing I have seen this week.


Have a little respect, if for no other reason then for his family and friends. It must be nice to be perfect and have never made a mistake in your life. You guys are so cold! I don't know a lot about Mask but as MMA fans my son and I will have our Tapout shirts on tomorrow.

You have got to be kidding me? If you had any clue who you were talking about Charles,you would not have made this statement.
Mask did not drink, or use drugs, and was one of the most giving people on this or any other planet. If you had met the man just once you would have come away feeling like the most important person he had ever met. He made everyone feel that way. Superlative human being...
I have read just about every article I could find about this horrible tragedy, in an attempt to make some sense of the loss, and not once have I read he was drunk, drinking or useing. I have not read HE was racing, I read that the man driving the Porche struck his car, causing it to crash.
Mask was a lesson to all of us to be better people, and help one another. I for one will miss him, right along with his other friends and family. Whether you know it or not Charles you lost a friend in that crash.. RIP MASK..

To all those idiots posting comments about Mask being drunk, Unless you know for a fact what your talking about, and I can already tell by the posts that knowledge is more than likely very limited on your end, please stop making assumptions. Its easy to post on here annonymously because common sense would tell you speaking the way you write in public would cause you a stay in ICU. So shut the hell up and let the man have some peace and his family friends and fans mourn their loss.

Uuus! I just read the news about the lost of the great Charles Mask Lewis.He was a great guy with a big heart.Who took great pride in helping others.Now,what will fighters like myself do without honest people helping them.As you watched Mask you could see the love in his eyes for the sport and the fighter involved.Mask you'll never be forgotten.


Darwin Award winner.

I'm sorry for the girl in the car who's life was endangered by that fool.

I've just recently learned of the lost of mask in the past few weeks. This lost touches me personally because of how i knew Charles. From 89 to 92 he work at my high school San gorgonio were he was a school police officer. I played football for his father and I was a teammate of his brother. Back then we called him chuck jr or lewis. He always had a kind word for me everyday as a student athlet. He always was smiling. It was a sad day for me when we lost his father and now him. Chuck Jr will be deeply missed and to his family and Tapout i truely do feel Your pain I loved him as well. Thank You


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