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'Sex and the City' sequel set for 2010. Hurray or go away?

It's the franchise that's never out of season, apparently. According to, Carrie and crew areEp93_carrie_ruffledlayerdre set to start shooting a follow-up to the "Sex and the City" movie this summer and a release date is scheduled for 2010. According to EW's source:

"It's going to be more comedic, and shorter, than the first," says the insider.

Meaning, more like a Prada clutch than a YSL tote, I suppose.  Could this foursome be our next "Golden Girls"? (That is by no means a swipe at their current ages, but I think "Sex and the City 17" would put them in their 60s.) 

I would have to say that Miranda has the wit to be Estelle Getty and surely, Samantha is a dead ringer--sexually speaking, of course--for Rue McClanahan. Can't you just see her vamping in a leopard print pantsuit? But can Carrie be the next Bea Arthur? Those are some hard Easy Spirits to fill, but we'll see.

Are you excited for a sequel or do you think 'Sex and the City' is already played out?

--Monica Corcoran 


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I will be happy as long as the press and most women do not expect most men to get on to the rooftops and applaud the sequel. Most of men found HBO's Sex & the City as palatable as dried sphagetti. Go on! Have your sequel, triquel, centaquel-Just do not label as women haters if we dislike the Sex and City franchise. Do not label men as shallow and uncaring when the entire premise of Sex & the City itself is based on vacuousness.

Ladies, it's OVER. Since you are all so very talented, it should b easy for you to find other gigs.

With the world economy going down the drain can we have less product placement and over the top consumerism. Why not add a bit of realism.. have at least two of the girls loose their jobs!

You could compare the Sex and The City quartet to the Beatles:

Carrie - Paul McCartney
Samantha - John Lennon
Charlotte - George Harrison
Miranda - Ringo Starr

Make it stop!

They need to make another one only to redeem how awful the first one was. It was a disgrace to the show. If this sequel pans out, I woudn't mind a next generation of Golden Girls...besides, the Golden Girls were the best!!!!!

I just love the chemistry and interplay between Carrie and Big.

WOW, a Beatles comparison? Really? They don't deserve to have their names in the same sentence. For the love of...

Go. Away.

I hope the sequel is better than the first one.

i really think its a go i thought the first one was hella good i wasnt expecting BIG leaving her before the wedding but i think think the 2nd is a GO

More, please!

I love it! As long as it is filmed in NYC

I Love SATC keep em coming!!!!

yay more Manolo's

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I say bring on the sequel. It's like visiting laides (and couples) we like to watch ... but not necessarily be. I always liked the series and the first movie did not disappoint. Let us also not forget its box office during theatrical release exceeded $150,000,000. Those numbers say it all.

YES - we want MORE Sex and the City.....
Yes - we want more Sex and the City.......

A new movie every other year ! ! !

YES - we want MORE Sex and the City.....
Yes - we want more Sex and the City.......

A new movie every other year ! ! !

YES - we want MORE Sex and the City.....
Yes - we want more Sex and the City.......

A new movie every other year ! ! !

YES, We want more. Love, Love, Love it


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