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PETA takes Armani fur beef to the Oscars

Pinocchio_armani2 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has opened up a new front in its battle for the bunnies with a full-page advertisement in today's Hollywood trade paper Variety  that brands fashion designer Giorgio Armani "Pinocchio Armani" for apparently breaking a promise not to use animal fur in his clothing collections.

Beneath a photo of the designer, at right, that has been altered to give him the elongated nose often associated with the fibbing marionette, is a plea to this year's Oscar-goers: "Until Mr. Armani makes good on his promise, please choose somebody else's clothes to wear to this  year's Academy Awards."

Before showing the Armani Privé collection during Haute Couture in Paris a year ago, Armani told reporters through an interpreter: "There is no fur in the collection. Many years ago I actually made a declaration that I wouldn’t use fur. I used some fur in some recent collections, and the organization PETA, whom most of you are familiar with, discussed this particular issue, and presented some information to [me] and [I'm] not using fur in [my] collection." At the time, he called the decision "limiting."

In the ad, PETA charges that Armani's "latest collections include fur-trimmed skirts and coats, as well as jackets and even snowsuits for toddlers trimmed with rabbit fur." PETA has also written to this year's Oscar nominees, asking them to leave the Armani behind on the big night.

An Armani representative said there was no statement immediately forthcoming as the designer had not yet seen the Variety advertisement. The representative was also unable to comment on the company's use of fur since Armani's announcement a year ago.

Although the organization's protests are a common sight at fashion week events in the U.S. and abroad, according to PETA vice president Dan Mathews, this is the first time it has  focused specifically on the Academy Awards.

"We've met with Armani in the past, and he seems far more concerned with dressing Hollywood than with protests," Mathews said. "So we're taking it to where he's most vulnerable. No designer cozies up to celebrities the way Armani does, and there's no organization that courts celebrities the way PETA does. So now it's war on the red carpet."

Where's Jiminy Cricket when you need him? Or does that tiny top hat constitute cruelty to cricketkind?

--Adam Tschorn

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It’s appalling that Armani would go back on his word. I won’t be supporting Armani or Armani Exchange anymore. Fur is just completely unecssary.

As a fashion icon he has a responsibility to set an ethical standard in the fashion industry. He should lead by example and stop killing for vanity especially in this day in age where there are so many wonderful alternatives that don’t involve slaughtering innocent animals. Shame on your Armani for not being a decent human being.

I hope that Armani drops fur (for real this time) in time for the Oscars. His creations will be much more popular with the Hollywood set if they know that Armani is not supporting an industry that skins animals alive.

Good idea! The idea of killing an animal just to wear their fur already disgusts me, and the way these animals are killed is just atrocious. I only needed to see one image of an animal being skinned alive to turn me from fur forever. I find it a little disturbing that Armani was presented with "information" (and coming from PETA, so you know they didn't hold anything back) and still chooses to use fur. That speaks volumes about a person's character.

I think this is a great thing that PETA is doing. Armani is a well known designer yet he hasn't taken responsibility to stay true to his word and not sell fur. I'm sure all the greed and fame swallows his mind from thinking of taking a compassionate route in not supporting the fur farming industry. But really, Armani, would you like to be skinned alive? Stop selling fur! You can make a fortune from all your other non-fur designs! Go PETA!

PETA is doing a great job getting the message out; wearing fur supports such heinous cruelty to animals and must be stopped. Every year, millions of animals are drowned, beaten to death, strangled, electrocuted and even skinned alive for their pelts. I fully support PETA and their request that celebs boycott Armani at the Oscars -- there is no beauty in animal cruelty!

I am going to have to agree with PETA on this particular issue. Furs are an archaic and cruel fashion statement that shouldn't be revived as a "glamorous" trend. Not too long ago, I learned that animals on fur farms suffer tremendously from being kept in extremely cramped conditions, death by genital electrocution, and some are even skinned alive. Who would want to wear the skin of an animal who suffered tremendously? Is that really fashion? I can't quite wrap my head around this. I have cats and a rabbit at home, and the thought of this is horrifying.

With so many synthetic fabrics out there that are just as warm, and with a similar look, there's really no excuse to use the real thing. Also, kudos to designers like Stella McCartney who exhibit compassionate and glamorous fur-free designs! Armani should be ashamed.

There's nothing glamorous about wrapping yourself in the skin of tortured animals. I really hope that celebs walking the red carpet at the Oscars this year use their star power for good by boycotting Armani until he's fur free.

What doesn't Armani understand about destroying animals? It's cruel, it's unnecessary, and it's not even fashionable. I really think PETA has the right idea by going after this heartless old man.

Oh, and Armani, btw: No one can pull off leather pants, especially not aging has-beens with ugly sun damage.

I applaud PETA's action on this issue. If public humiliation is what it takes for Armani to stop using fur, so be it. It's a small price to pay to help end the horrific suffering of so many animals for as frivolous a cause as fashion.

It would be wonderful if the PETA video showing animals skinned alive and anally executed could be shown on the large screens during the Oscar presentations. It would sober up the fashionistas who are there mostly for the clothes they are wearing and not there for the art of theater.

Armani will become a dinosaur in fashion if he stays backwards in ethics. It seems tastemakers - like those movie stars - are largely against fur and the cruelty behind it. Plus, it makes everyone look kinda fat.

Armani is out of touch. No one wears fur, it's ugly. You dont have to be a animal rights activist to know that fur comes from animals who lived in misery in cages before being electrocuted and skinned. Fur is unfashionable, and mean.

Sorry Giorgio, but I like my "fur" curled up and purring on my lap, not wrapped around my neck or as trim on my coat! By using fur in his collections he supports an industry where animals scream in pain as their skin is ribbed from their bodies.

I simply will not support the cruelty that his design collections inflict. Thank you PETA; Armani has lost my patronage until he stops using fur. I hope the celebs concur.

What does Armani have to gain by killing and skinning animals? A few extra dollars that he doesn't even need. At the same time, he could gain so much respect and publicity (and therefore profits) if he publicly denounced the fur industry. Dropping the fur seems like a no-brainer . . .

I wish once and for all ,some of these outdated, primitive and cruel practices could be left behind. We have wonderful Faux furs available to use today if you really feel like looking like an animal. Dennis Basso seems to do very well with his faux fur line. Come on Armani your designs need to get with the times.

PETA = fruitcakes with nothing better to do. Really, they go so far overboard so as not to be credible.

PETA has a legitimate argument against Giorgio Armani this time. Wearing fur is outdated and unnecessary.

Still, it's hard for me to even give a crap when their last campaign was to get people to call fish "sea kittens" so that they would sound less palatable. This is what is known in the industry as "losing credibility."

BTW, I don't wear fur, but I loooooove me some sea kittens. Yum!

PETA, what a joke They are more concerned with the animals in boliva to be killed in tranning then what the tranning makes the people, so that they in turn will go kill people. More concerned wtih what I put on my back then the people that make min. wage. More concerned about what I eat, then how to feed hungry people.

Donavan, must you be reminded what PETA stands for - People for the Ethical Treatment of ANIMALS.
That is the priority - animals. There are other organizations out there that care care of human rights, PETA do animals.
And they are so right on this one, Giorgio is the Pinocchio in it's truest of forms ;)


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