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New York Fashion Week Review: Michelle Obama designer Jason Wu's fall collection

Jason wu michelle obama nyfw mercedes benz fall 2009 NEW YORK -- The spotlight is shining on Jason Wu like never before. The 26-year-old designer created the ivory confection embroidered with organza flowers that First Lady Michelle Obama chose as her inaugural ball gown. And she is wearing a dress of his on the cover of the March issue of Vogue magazine. So of course there was much interest in his fall runway show today in New York, which offered lots of romantic -- but not girlie -- dresses with couture-like details, a Wu specialty.

Whether he was inspired by the first lady or not, there were plenty of things in this solidly elegant collection that I could see her wearing. The shapes were simple, figure-flattering (shifts, sheaths and tank dresses), and seemed appropriate for all ages.

And the workmanship was evident, which is wise in this economy. You can see what you're paying for --- lacy black embroidered epaulets on the cap sleeves of a gray cashmere shift, and scattered knotted embroideries that elevated a simple teal wool twist front sheath to something really special.

There was a dreamy quality to much of the show. You wanted to reach out and touch a navy and fuchsia plaid shift with a laser dot overlay, to feel how it was done. A navy wool forest print sheath with a vanishing organza hem seemed to disappear into the ether. And a nude chiffon tank and matching skirt with all-over iridescent rubber sequins conjured images of a futuristic flapper. There was a 1920s feel to a sweet petal pink tiered ruffle cocktail dress, too, and a violet chiffon tank gown, with antiqued diamond embroidery. But Wu's attempts at pants -- a draped wool cashmere cigarette style -- were less successful.

-- Booth Moore

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Photos: Jason Wu's Fall 2009 collection

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Photo: Jonas Gustavsson/ For the Times

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Like Oscar de la Renta--beautiful women clothes. Feminine, but graphic. I'd love to live a life where I needed a whole closet full of these clothes. I keep seeing Michelle in so many of them. Wish she'd worn that kind of Indian-looking long blue/purple gown for the inaguration. So multi-ethnic, sophisticated.


Lovely, wearable designs. He's got a great future ahead of him.

clothes are nice but the shoes, too thick and clunky

Some are outstanding, however, the bulk of the line is not buyable for the average retailing store.

i think he has great potential and a long future but one thing he should have used more women of color, to show how viable his designs are white women cannot truly represeent how blk women look or wear clothing.. hope to see more of him and good luck

Thought Tiea Dublin's comment was odd. One-third of the photos, or 5 out of 15, were of women of color ... unless Asians are not considered women of color anymore.

I agree: more black models on Jason Wu's runway. That said, his stuff is nice, but certainly not all that creative or innovative. Some of the strapless stuff is very 80's, and I'm sooooo over that decade! He tries to update it with those (as a previous poster said) clunky shoes, but they don't work. I think he's inspired by another Obama choice, Narciso Rodriguez. BTW speaking of Narciso, am I the only one who noticed the Carolyn Besette Kennedy connection, with Madame Obama?

I thought it was a great collection, had a Spanish flamenco feel to some of the clothes. I wasn't a fan of the Oscar de la Renta like dresses with full skirts but there was a gray dress with black embroidery on the shoulders that looked fantastic, and a ruffle blouse and skirt that had a romantic quality about them.

The First lady was superb,she has mesmerized us!
We are truly proud of her.We just love Uncle Sam,here in Monaco.

I can see why Michelle Obama wears many of his designs, they are wonderful. If you can afford them they are totally wearable without looking outlandish like some other designers' pieces can be.
He has a great future ahead of him, I wish him all the best.

Would have preferred selections from your runway-lovely--especially the colbolt blue gown for innaugural - suits preferable for executive trips-your collection beautifully stylish, including dresses. She does not exube class/calibre ziltch and ought to ditch the 50's schoolish sweaters/pronounces her slouching posture. Perhaps the white gown was nicer in person, however, my first thought was frayed toilet tissue wrap. Her choices are uninspiring. Her bare arms unfeminine -inappropriate for late winter - overexposed. I've always tried to hide my masculine muscular arms. She should take your advice exclusively.


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