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Michelle Obama strikes a pose for March Vogue -- smart or not?

84371614 Come March, the First Lady will appear on the cover of Vogue. According to the Washington Post, Michelle Obama plays it warm and approachable in a relaxed pose and wearing a simple magenta dress by Jason Wu, who designed her inaugural ball gown. (We'll post the cover Wednesday, after the embargo has been lifted.) Annie Leibovitz took the shots, just as she did when then-First Lady Hillary Clinton appeared on the cover of the glossy mag in December 1998.

Back then, Anna Wintour said of Clinton's style in the spread: "We kind of wanted to get her out of those suits she tends to wear when she's campaigning."

This time around, Wintour isn't playing Doctor Doolittle.  Clearly, she's thrilled with Obama's fashion-forward style. Obama wears up-and-coming designers and has ushered in a whole new sense of simple chic. But is Vogue the right cover for Michelle Obama? The fashion magazine has been criticized for being out of touch with reality and the tone can be haughty, to say the least. I liken reading Vogue to having lunch with a friend who finds insidious ways to put me down.

Do you think a Vogue cover is a great choice for the First Lady's image?

-- Monica Corcoran

Photo: Getty Images

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"I liken reading Vogue to having lunch with a friend who finds insidious ways to put me down."

OMG that's a funny commentary about Vogue...and TOTALLY true. But Michelle is Michelle no matter what magazine cover she is on. (She's bigger than Vogue, there I said it).

I think Vogue is a good venue for Michelle Obama. Lighten up - you're taking this way too seriously. I've been reading Vogue for years and don't get offended by its tone and attitude. It is what it is. But Elle or In Style would have been good choices as well. At least we have a stylish First Lady with good fashion sense we can relate to.

Michelle Obama is the First Lady of The United States of America.

She can appear in any magazine and still be exactly who she is.

Your self esteem issues are unfortunate, but have absolutely no bearing on the actions of our fabulous First Lady.

Dumb. Dumb, Dumb.
Coture is not a cause, its a dress, and only a dress.
She should be out front and center taking on a real cause like war PTSD, poverty, homelessness, habitat for humanity, etc.
Nancy Reagan says Eleanor Roosevelt is not be pleased, either.

Smart isn't strong enough a word

Michelle Obama understands that the role of first lady is iconic, and fashion is paramount in delivering that iconography. This is a choreographed move by a major player within a meticulously groomed presidential bid that extends, now, beyond public opinion and directly into the annals of world history.

Well, if Vogue is haughty and out of touch, it seems perfect for her. She thinks this is a mean country, and looks down at people who work hard, simply for seeing things differently.

A true poser she is.

Whatever ! ... It's most certainly Michelle Obama's choice to appear where she likes. I'd like to see some serious messages associated with her "appearances". Perhaps she could say something like, I'm wearing designer clothes while more and more Americans are wearing recycled threads purchased from thrift stores." Every day I look around and see more and more folks facing financial hardships. I'm thinking some are cancelling their Vogue subscriptions and may soon be taking courses in dumpster-diving. It's not really necessary to illustrate or draw attention to class distinctions ... we know they are there.

In the 20th century, the best dressers have been BLACKS despite being at the lowet economic level of the ladder in most cases. Bravo for Michelle - you look beautiful, dignified, and great.

It's been years since I've leafed through the massive Vogue "book" but I'll be looking for Michelle's cover on the newsstand.

The issue isn't whether this is smart or not. The issue is whether she would have accepted this had she not been First Lady. Yes. So, she should do it now. I don't think she should become fake or an inauthentic image of herself. She should define the role of First Lady, within reasonable bounds, and run with it. In NO way does this apperance disparage anything, and those who argue it does need to calm down, if at all possible. Go First Lady Obama!

Obama hasn't been smart swince she became proud of her country following her husband's nomination. Vogue is a horrible magazine to begin with, so who cares?

I can't believe that people think this women knows how to dress. What has happened to the American taste. Am I the only one that did not like her ball gown by Jason Wu--- it looked like a bed spread. I'm sorry. First Lady or not, not everyone thinks she knows how to dress. Really.

Michelle Obama is a beautiful and vibrant woman...Any magazine would be honored to have her grace their cover

Michelle Obama is a beautiful and vibrant woman...any magazine would be honored to have her grace their cover...

Way to go, First Lady Michelle! Looking Great!

"I liken reading Vogue to having lunch with a friend who finds insidious ways to put me down."

I think Vogue is a perfect a perfect venue to represent Mrs O's style . . . wink . . .

First Lady Michelle has every right to be on the cover of Vogue magazine.

I just might buy my first issue because she is on the cover.

Whoa, Michelle. wasn't it just a few days ago that it was decided and declared to the world to strictly deny "Commercial expliotaton" of the First Family??? What has "changed " (pardon the term). Isn't this just a tad of a questionable use of your valuable political time? Jackie didn't pretend!!

Not only does the new first lady NOT know how to dress, but she also needs to learn how to stand. Every picture I have seen to date, shows her with her legs spread apart, and kind of standing pigeon toed. VERY un-becoming. I wonder how she will come across, when she has to meet with some of the dignitaries, from abroad. She doesn't seem to have many social graces- in her favor.

Well, she's a leg up on old Hillary who came off looking like a hood-ornament in that Mag. I can't imagine a beautiful woman like michelle could look anything less than awesome compared to her...

Yes, who cares about Vogue. But
since the photographer is Annie Leibovitz, good idea.

She can definitely handle appearing in vogue without any problem. Remember? She has a more difficult gig, being a first lady.

these comments are so amusing to me. Some of these people don't seem to realize that hating on our new First Lady is as unfashionable and yesterday as the McCain/Palin stickers you probably still have on your cars.

Carry on in this way, and the next eight years will feel like forever.

Bravo Michelle! Bravo Vogue!

The subject has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. Did you read any where in my post, the mention of Hillary? No !
So please don't bring her into the subject.

Think Mrs. Obama, could use some help with that over bite also.

Perhaps now she will be proud of the US.

Michelle Obama will bring a dose of depth to a magazine that has become too superficial. The question should be: Is it smart for Vogue? Absolutely, she's doing them a favor.

I guess this is a show that is going to be running for the next four years. Vogue, Shmogue, Late Night shows, News, bla bla bla.... Good distraction. Don't think too deep. Just say : Oh... she's gorgeous....

That doesn't speak well of you...that you would desire the company of people who insidiously put you down.

Our First Lady is the definition of a lady, and everyday makes our country even more proud of her. She is kind, compassionate, and generous. Michelle Obama is a role model, for wife, mother, daughter, and friend. And now, Micelle Obama is a role model for America, and the world. It does not get any better than this. America applauds our First Lady, Michelle Obama. There is no doubt that the President does as well. He is sooooo in love with his Fist Lady. God bless, and stay safe, America needs both of you.

if this was sarah pailin would she be getting such a forgiving response? come on. i'd like it if she wouldn't scrunch up the side of her face or hike up her belt, i think she's arrogant.

Please let me know when we can stop pretending that this woman is remotely attractive. I guess if overbites, wide-hips, bad taste and ugliness is in vogue then I guess she fits the cover.

No amount of high-end photography can hide Michelle's striking resemblance to James Brown and the graceless heft of her proportions, below the waist. Vogue and Michelle: a perfect match. All about money, marketing, and misplaced vanity.

"That doesn't speak well of you...that you would desire the company of people who insidiously put you down."

Ah, ego... everyone needs to feel important. Only it's unfortunate that some need to put others down in order to elevate themselves. It doesn't speak well of you, for instance, that you'd insidiously put someone down for having the grace to bear unbearable people, and even to call them friends.

Perhaps your post was intended as subtle irony?

I think it was a smart choice. I believe she is striking a balance between being a smart woman and being interested in the clothes she wears. I also hope she serves as an inspiration to young girls and women - because she's proud and brave. I'm glad Michelle Obama is First Lady, and I'm glad she's on Vogue.

I dont know why anyone would think that Michelle Obama is well dressed. Furthermore, she is not a model nor a movie star and I think that it is totally inappropriate that she should is strutting around in designer dresses on the cover of Vogue (which most people cant afford anyway) whilst the rest of America - sorry the rest of the world - is struggling to make ends meet. Shame on her !

Posing for magazine covers is a totally trivial event. (Except for people who consider "celebrities" special.)There are vital, relevant discussions going on right now concerning our economy. I will say they did a great job of touching up her photo.

She looks great. Hope there are more.

I think Michelle should be more focused on things that matter rather then the cover of Vogue magazine. I guess she is proud to be an American now.

The question was, smart or not? Yes, it's smart. Vogue has a long tradition of featuring powerful and influential women (they did a lovely Annie Leibovitz photo spread on Condoleezza Rice, for example, in their October 2001 issue, and a photo shoot of Sarah Palin before she was even nominated for VP) and so I find this entirely appropriate.

She's a smart and attractive lady and will probably do wonders for Vogue's March newsstand sales. Bring her on!

Reading some of these comments makes me sad. Mean-spirited, bigoted, insulting, nasty, without merit comments. There is no spirit of civility. Just out and out unkindness. There is a way in discourse to express your opinions. In no circumstance, should anyone be disrespectful. How sad. And I'm sure those of you who posted thses utterances of ugliness, think you are "good" persons. I wish the best for the FLOTUS and her family. We are all worthy of respect.

So up until now, the tally seems to be about 50-50, on if she should, and would make a good choice by being on the cover of Vogue. So it's still up in the air.

She will do what ever she wants, but she needs to lose the green gloves. I have a pair that I use in the garden, that is very close in color. UGH!

But she still has no real fashion ability. Someone please help her !

The hostile, and mean-spirited comments on our First Lady Michele Obama are sad! Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is intelligence! Give over it, President Obama and his lovely wife are here for the next four and hopefully the next eight years. Ha, ha. He won and as a result America won. God bless you President and Mrs. Obama, and God bless America!.

Michelle Obama is exactly who she is a working class black girl who made it out of the hood.Her strength lies in her love of black people but her weakness is that she really dosent like white people and they can feel it. They are uncomofortable with her because she seems so uncomfortable all the time. She is not a great dresser and her social graces are horrible. Let's just be honest about it. She needs to be in the trenches doing the work for hardworking people. This is just something the Dems put together to try to sell her image since she messed up so horribly during the inaguration weekend and was outshinned by a bunch of pop stars.

The Obamas are as media savvy if not more so then Brangelina! This couple luv the limelight so this cover will be the first in many. But the media & the public are fickle & eventually they will appear as shallow & egotistically as they truely are.
Michelle has access to high fashion but still appears poorly dressed (wide bottom & bowed legged don't help)

I'm a moderate Democrat who voted for Obama, and in general I have a positive view of Michelle Obama. But here's this thing -- at this time, in this economy, for our first lady to be posing for Vogue and showcasing her designer duds is just...wrong. It smacks of the elitism and class distinctions the Obamas were supposed to transcend. I felt the same way upon hearing of their lengthy vacation to Hawaii while hundreds of thousands of Americans were receiving pink slips and foreclosure notices. If you aren't going to share the pain, at least try to keep up the appearance of doing so.

So should all media and spending stop because we are in a recession? She's the first lady! Did Laura Bush wear crap from Walmart? I think not. Her "designer duds" will be carefully selected for her to wear for the shoot. Does she own similar garments? Probably. She's a professional woman! She made a lot of money. Good for her for going to school for so long and getting into a field that paid well. Jeez.

I agree with your comment Monica, Vogue can be much at times, and the fact that they feature very few African Americans makes the cover ironic, but the woman is the first African American First Lady. She better be on Vogue! Is she destined to only grace the covers of Essence or Vibe because those are the "black" magazines? She's black, she's powerful, get over it!

Hell yeah i think the first lady should
be in the cover of vogue.!
There is nothing wrong with that..


That dress did look like a bedspread and she is not a great dresser. Dresses just like everyone else it's just that she get's a lot more attention. She is NO match for Carla.....

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