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Chanel's lace-covered sunglasses for spring

Lace_sunglasses_blackI couldn’t stop myself from sharing these new sunglasses from Chanel.  Yes, the price is astronomical ($895) and the lace design must obstruct vision, but to me they just look really, really cool.

Mere mortals may not be buying these when they hit Chanel boutiques this spring, but I can already see them perched on the faces of pop stars like Fergie, Rihanna and Lady Gaga when posing for media pictures or shooting a video. Ah, to see the world through lace-covered glasses. 

-- Melissa Magsaysay

Photo: Chanel lace glasses. Credit:Chanel

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They do look cool, although I wonder if they can really call them sunglasses!!

They definately scream Lady GaGa to me!

Those are amazingly cool. I'm already plotting my DIY ripoff.

No wonder, Chanel keeps experimenting with products and to me these shades are damn coool as well.

Looks cool, although I wonder if they can really call them sunglasses!!

those are ridiculously retarded sunglasses

I think EVERYONE is going to be ripping off these beauties...

Including myself. But I'm going to also be embracing fall's neutrals and spring's pastels in mine. Hopefully it turns out okay :)


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