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The Obamas aren't happy with new 'Sasha' and 'Malia' dolls

Beanie Babies maker sells Sasha, Malia dolls Ty Inc. -- the company that brought us Beanie Babies --is on to the next big thing. Namely, exploiting the two first daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama. The worst part is that the toy outfit refuses to cop to the fact that they plan to profit from the names and likenesses of the Obama girls.

The new 12-inch-tall dolls are named "Sweet Sasha" and "Marvelous Malia," and according to the Associated Press:

The Oak Brook-based company chose the names because "they are beautiful names," not because of any resemblance to Malia and Sasha Obama, said spokeswoman Tania Lundeen.

"There's nothing on the dolls that refers to the Obama girls," Lundeen said. "It would not be fair to say they are exact replications of these girls. They are not."

Right. And that Garfield 'I don't do perky" Beanie Baby just happened to look like a fat, sullen cartoon cat but was in no way meant to be that Garfield. President Obama's camp has said that it is "inappropriate  to use young private citizens for marketing purposes." The Ty Girlz are already selling for $29.99 for two on sites like And they are already selling on, natch.

-- Monica Corcoran

What do you think? Should the company be allowed to rip off the Obama girls' images for profit? And will Sasha and Malia be able to stay normal?


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Okay, I'll accept that they made two dolls named Sasha and Malia, with no inspiration from the first family. Yeah right. But I'll not accept that they made two African American dolls, with NO inspiration. Just acknowledge what you did, you capitalized on two little girls after their father was inaugurated into the Office of the President released two days after such a big event. Obamas, "inappropriate" is putting it mildly. I'd be pissed.

I will NOT be buying these dolls. The company should have to take them off the market!

this company is crazy. clearly the only inspiration for naming two dolls Sasha and Malia are the Obama girls themselves. they should recall the product and stop production and distribution.

this company is crazy. clearly the only inspiration for naming two dolls Sasha and Malia are the Obama girls themselves. they should recall the product and stop production and distribution.

Who cares! Is this a free country? Well actually its not. But the manufacturer should be able to make likenesses.

How pathetically dispicable! This company represents a part of what is wrong with some corporations in America. I do not believe that they should be sued or criminalized but it is morally wrong to capitalize off of minors. Plain and simple. Anything to make a dollar though... right?!?

Garfield is a licensed product so of course it looks like Garfield!
Sasha and Malia ARE beautiful names and of course they do not look like the Obama giirls, they look like Ty Girlz which is what they are!

The dolls are in poor taste. Not sure if we have had dolls in the past for other presidents relatives. This might actually be legal, but still it is in poor taste.

I guess the companies excuss is similar to what a lawyer says to make excuses. Sorry, but maybe we should just accept any and all excuses written in lawyerspeak. After all it worked for Obama when he was in court protecting all those poor sad saps, his clients. He spoke his lawyer speak and helped press banks for "better" lending practices. So, if his bad karma comes in all types of new forms too darn bad. This is just the beginning. I can't wait to see what comes out to "exploit" (as you call it) the Messiah.

NO NO and NO. Ty is obviously trying to hide their intentions, and that's just sad. Unfortunately, those girls are going to be in the spotlight now no matter what, but let's just hope the rest of the world has the decency to show some restraint.

I guess the companie's excuse is similar to what a lawyer says to make excuses. Sorry, but maybe we should just accept any and all excuses written in lawyerspeak. After all it worked for Obama when he was in court protecting all those poor sad saps, his clients. He spoke his lawyer speak and helped press banks for "better" lending practices. So, if his bad karma comes in all types of new forms too darn bad. This is just the beginning. I can't wait to see what comes out to "exploit" (as you call it) the Messiah.

Ty Inc. is showing very poor moral judgement!

Mr. Freid, my prayer for today is that I am never, ever as bitter and closed-minded as you are. You're right... let's go back to the mediocrity of a President who can barely say his last name. What a rotten, mean-spirited thing to say... just pathetic.

I also feel this is inappropriate to exploit the Obama children like this. There should be some kind of legal restriction stating existing people give pre-approval before another company or individual exploit their likeness this way. However, it is true these dolls do not look like their daughters, and this, though appearing to be an exploitation would be challenging to win in a civil or criminal law suit.

For more pertinent information, go to:

I think it is GREAT - Michelle is just made because she isn't getting any cash. They are in the public spotlight. Obama should have thought of this before he ran.
How is this different than publishing pictures of Jenna Bush drunk?
What is good for the goose is good for the gander

If Jenna Bush was out and about drinking and some paps caught her totally different scenario than dolls baring the likeness of the underage Obama girls....hello? And I doubt Michelle is concerned about any of the cash, I dont believe they are strapped!

It is utterly ridiculous the links some people go to make a dollar. Where were these dolls before this election? Ty INC. cannot pull the wool over anybody eyes. It is wrong and it is depictable. If I was Michele and Barack I would be pissed. Not to mention that the dolls are a terrible replication. They don't signify the beauty that Sasha and Malia possess. Those babies are gorgoeus and those dolls are definitely not. If I were the Obamas I would request a recall on this mess of a doll and demand that all profits go to Sasha and Malia.

The company said they are not exact representations of Sasha and Malia. A moron could believe that the brand new hot off the assembly line dolls who just happen to be dark skinned and just happen to be named the same is just enough difference for an idiot to believe there is no exploitation of minors involved.


Ty Warner has used all kinds of shady methods to publicize his products, and it made him rich. He created false Beanie Baby shortages, purposely misused other companies' trademarks (ie, Tabasco), and any other ilicit means to get publicity for his toys.

The gullible public, buying into the collectibles craze, made Ty Warner a billionnaire. He even supported the publication of fake "price guides" which counted stitches, color spots, and any other variations to manipulate the price of his cheap toys.

Please, people. Do NOT fall for this guy's manipulations again.

Have you checked the "value" of Beanie Babies lately? You can buy them by the pound.

Go AWAY, Ty Warner. Quit lying.

well thats one way to get the economy going....

Apparently Tania Lundeen's view is that all of us are idiots.

What is so sad is (a) Ty's indecency and silly attempt at denial; and (b) that apparently very few if any of the people commenting on this article know how to spell. It all says something about our education system...

Who cares? This is America, a company can make their dolls look like whatever they want. They can also name them whatever they want. So long as what they name them isn't copyrighted. Just because the President is a socialist, doesn't mean the country has become a socialist republic.

Personally the Obama girls are being spoiled as hell. Just cause an African American Family is in the White house does not make them represent anything but that. Not everything in the world revolves around them. I am happy to witness this "big step" for our country. But don't flaunt it.

Why all the hoopla over two little dolls? Isn't the economy, war, and overall state of the world a bit more important than Ty making these dolls?! I agree that Ty is probably CTA's by denying the dolls are what they are and I find that reprehensible on their part, but I think this is a bit too much aflutter for such a matter. Ty makes money...that's what they are in business for. I actually don't understand why these dolls are causing any concern at all. I think the girls would be flattered. It is not as if we don't see their pictures everywhere. Come on...let's concentrate on what is important!

CHILDREN SHOULD BE OUT OF BOUNDS... OFF LIMIT... I think making the dolls is wrong.. How would the doll maker feel if it was his small children or grandchildren? Would you really want your child exposed to hurtfulness.. No child deserves that, no matter what their parents or grandparents do! LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE & ALLOW THEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE CHILDREN!

@Sally - This is not the same as the Jenna Bush situation. Publishing a photo is NOT the same as SELLING a doll for profit.

I think the exploitation of ANY child, especially for profit, is pathetic. But since the children of politicians are fair game, according to Sally, then maybe Sara Palin will stop whining about how hers are treated.


This is ridiculous. This election and presidency is startng to feel like a popularity contest. The Obamas are just another family, why is the world so focused on what they're wearing, what they're eating, what dogs they have?!?!? Shouldn't the media focus on important issues?

That's what's wrong with this country. Nobody has any integrity anymore. If these were just "beautiful names", why were they not introduced before President Obama came to the White House. Some people only need money and not a conscience.

When I first heard about these two dolls, I automatically assumed that the Obamas had entered into an agreement with the manufacturer. That's the way it's usually done, but I guess NOT this time. I think a court would favor the Obamas in this one and require royalties and damages and/or cancellation of production.

I would be pissed if these were my daughters too... but they're not. So all I have to say is that shame on the company for not keepin it real. Yeah, they may not be exact replicas of the first daughters, but the names (& ethnicity) seem to be a little too coincidental. Ty Co. should have been up front by just admitting that the dolls were 'inspired' by the young girls. Why lie?

Ty can do what ever they want I'm buying them before they are pulled off the market and then I'm selling mine on ebay to make a profit.


We have the power as consumers NOT to buy this product which exploits the children of the President.

Of course Obama is not happy. He is not happy with anything to do with the free market!

I would like TY to say, "Yep, these are Obama girls- get over it!"

What is offensive is that this company is LYING TO MAKE A BUCK!!! The two black little girl dolls, that just happen to be named "Sasha & ""Malia" out of all the names in the English language, is NOT dolls of the Obama girls? Does this company think the we, the people are stuck on stupid!?!

This company should be ashamed. They are trying to make a profit off the Presidents daughters. You tell me, when has a toy company made thousands of black dolls based on names only? Let alone two black dolls. Give me a break. Toy companies didn't make enough black "Baby Alive "dolls for Christmas two years ago, yet they concidently made "two" black dolls named Sasha and Malia to sell the week the new President's daughters moved into the White House, with the same names? Sure and there is an elevator that will take you to the moon, want to buy a ticket? Talk about low class. You either have it or or don't, this company is very low class. My seven year old has more class than that.

More than exploiting young private citizens, do we not find it in the least but distasteful that dolls have developed breasts? Tacky to say the least, considering the CHILDREN they are based on have yet to even come close to puberty.
Gross work Ty.

This is EXACTLY why we are in the economic mess we are in today. In the beginning I was for the bailout of the banks and the auto companies just for the simple fact that people are losing jobs and homes. But since the banks are not using the money to help us but only themselves and the Big 3 just want to break the unions I have changed my mind. This is a prime example of greed personafied. I am sick of it and the fact that most people in this country would sell their mother for a dollar is the reason why, unless Obama succeeds in changing the culture of the US, this country will not last another century.

Also, for those people that are saying that it' O.K. for this company to exploit these children to make a buck because they are national and globally know- how would you feel is this company put out a "Caylee" Doll around the same time the country was looking for that murdered girl in Florida and said "This doll has no bearing"?

This is terrible - and made even more capitalistically shameless by the company denying that the dolls are not meant to resemble the first daughters. Shame, shame on the company and I am going to boycott the company in my daughter's honor.

No. If the Obama's say no, then this and other companies should stop producing and selling them. They are using their likeness's without permission.


This clearly infringes on the Obama girls' right of publicity. Sue the *&#! out of Ty, Inc.

Shame on you, Ty Inc.

As a staff member of a local high school newspaper, I am surprised at the level of interest in this topic. Also, I want to point that publications online and in print make typos; "selling" not "seling".

I would like to ask all citizens to show respect and decorum in our actions and interactions as they relate to our new President and his family - as decent people, it's the least we can do for him personally, and for the office he represents. Oh by the way, if anyone has a set of those dolls I'll trade you for my George, Laura and Jenna halloween costumes, my W bobble-head doll, my "F@#K BUSH" t-shirt, my "DRAFT JENNA" bumper sticker, and more - the whole lot. Just let me know.

why don't they name them Masha and THAT would be funny!

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