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Michelle Obama chooses Isabel Toledo for swearing-in ceremony


Michelle Obama has chosen a sparkling yellow dress and coat by Cuban American designer Isabel Toledo for the swearing-in ceremony in Washington today. Obama looks polished but celebratory in a shade of yellow that echoes the sunny day. Toledo attended FIT and Parsons in New York and has been designing under her own name in New York for more than 20 years. She's a fashion-insider favorite who sells at Barneys New York and is married to the fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo. Most recently, she was creative director of Anne Klein, where she presented a couple of wonderful collections on the runway in New York before being dismissed.

--Booth Moore

Photo: US President-elect Barack Obama and Michelle Obama depart Blair House en route to St. John's Church in Washington, DC, earlier this morning. EPA/RON SACHS/POOL

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Rather disappointing choice for a woman who generally has excellent fashion sense. Going to have to kick it up a notch from this dowdy outfit if she wants to be the next Jackie/Diana (not saying she wants to be but an awful lot of people seem to want her to be). Will be interesting to see how fashionistas blog this one - if they will react with a First Lady "wears no clothes" isn't it wonderful mentality.

Better than the red and black dress, but still not anything great

I like it, and I love the somewhat quirky choice of green kitten heels & green gloves.

Beautiful, stunning glamorous and fashions trend color yellow, of course! God Bless "The First Lady" she and her family bring a breath of fresh air and fashion to America's White House.

Give Michelle bonus points for wearing the Pantone 2009 color of the year. Not only is it cutting edge, but fresh and optimistic. She's gotta be freezing in that sorta coat when everyone else is wrapped in scarves & hats.

Great dress. You pull it First Lady Michelle. Not divally, not motherly, but polished, clean, all way round. I love those green gloves. You are a serious woman, Michelle. I salute you. Love the green shoes, coat. It's so cold, what else could you do.

Love it. Love it. love the attire on Michelle. She is a big woman, and this fits her well. She is ready as First Lady.

Michelle! Michelle! Michelle! Love your dress, shoes, gloves. Tell me you didn't break the bank. This is one for the recession. Calm dress. Not showy. Not distracting the event. This is a day for all eyes on Obama, so you pulled it well.

The dress is rather dull for the moment. It fails to accentuate her figure. This would be a dress for church, and not this memorable day. Too cold for the day.

Not a great dress for the day. Cool, okay. Michelle should support our national stores struggling in this economic situation by buying, buying, buying what most women could afford. Whose gonna afford a dress by Soledo?

Beautiful dress! It announces spring, birds, green, happiness, calm, peace, hope. Not strident nor dull, but elegant. What a savvy choice! Michelle rocks!

Not appropriate for the occasion, the weather, or the time of day. More prom-like than dressy winter day wear.

Color and sparkles were icky, green accessories yucky.

Mrs. Obama is an attractive and statuesque woman and needs someone with classic and good taste to dress her.

This designer is not the one.

A really poor choice.

Beautiful dress! It announces spring, birds, green, happiness, calm, peace, hope. Not strident nor dull, but elegant. What a savvy choice! Michelle rocks!

Really did not like her dress at all. It did not suit the occasion. A great shaped, black coat with a terrific scarf would have been fine. And gold is not her color--it drowns her out. It also outshone her husband and she should have taken it down a knotch. I don't know who dresses this woman, but many first ladies don't catch on for a year or so.

Yuck. Gold brocade? Oh please. How inappropriate.

Someone needs to explain to Ms. Obama that she is now serving as First lady, not Queen.

A very poor choice, but what would you expect?

I was mesmerized by First Lady Obama's outfit. It was classy, trendy and most appropriate for the day. Her hair was soft and natural, little jewerly, tones of grean and yellow. LOVE THE COLORS. Fresh and such a trend setter. I can't wait to see how everyone will respond to the new color trend for the Fall.Congratulations Obamas!

I was mesmerized by First Lady Obama's outfit. It was classy, trendy and most appropriate for the day. Her hair was soft and natural, little jewerly, tones of grean and yellow. LOVE THE COLORS. Fresh and such a trend setter. I can't wait to see how everyone will respond to the new color trend for the Fall.Congratulations Obamas!

Beautiful and full of GRACE !

Simply gorgeous! I loved Michelle Obama's dress. Does Ms. Toledo have half-sizes?

P. Cooper of Phila., PA

Simply gorgeous! I loved Michelle Obama's dress. Does Ms. Toledo have half-sizes?

P. Cooper of Phila., PA

10 POINTS for choosing COLOR when everyone else is in Black or Grey or some other subdued shade. It shows that Michelle is brave, bold and confident. Jewel tones and bright hues are the style statement for this coming season. Not to mention the fact that the brocade is a good alternative to the present rage of lace.

You go girl!!!

Poor choice for the occasion and time of day. Please be realistic and try to put the partisan ideas aside for a minute. You cant deny the fact that the dress was inappropriate. It was more of a party dress with the glitter and rhinestone on the neck. She needs help in this department, that is an honest assessment.

I was REALLY hoping that after all the boring "hi honey, I just picked up the kids from daycare, do you mind if we order pizza? " outfits and the disastrous black-and-red "spider lady" get-up, that Michelle Obama would prove that she could pick a designer. Instead, she was, again, an ABSOLUTE disaster. HIDEOUS outfit. Hideous color, fabric -- and hello! Did she know she was at the Presidential inauguration? One doesn't wear SPARKLES to a morning event! And certainly not to the Presidential swearing in ceremony. (Dear Michelle, glitter is for the evening -- that would be the "inauguration ball" dear...)
WHO is advising her? Is she just refusing to take any advice? The girls looked perfect; Barack looked perfect. But that's always been true -- it's Michelle who is a disaster. Bad enough the outfits are hideous -- but then she has that football fullback walk -- no elegance, no femininnity. Will SOMEONE GET HER SOME HELP?!

I voted for Barack, I think he's great. And you can say it doesn't matter -- but what the wife of a young, powerful, ground-breaking president wears is VERY important to the image of this country as they travel. And she looks like she's really uncertain whether she belongs back in the 'hood, or in Hollywood or in the White House, or at Wal-Mart or Target. HELP HER, PLEASE!

Mrs. Obama looked fine. Who are we to decide what she wears? Bravo to her for being her own person and making a decision to wear what she wants to wear. Regardless there will always be someone out there who feels they have better fashion sense, for themselves maybe, but not for Mrs. Obama. If you don't like it don't look at it. I can't believe that any of us have nothing better to do then to belittle or praise a dress/outfit that Mrs. Obama is wearing. Yes I include myself in my statement. There are more important things to worry about.

i really wish michele obama would STAND UP STRAIGHT! that slouching is very unbecoming.

great dress and coat, for an evening occasion.
lovely color on her, just very inappropriate for this occasion.

looks like fitting attire for an easter egg hunt...

I loved Michelle's dress and coat! And the green short heeled pumps and matching gloves were an excellent choice. Her hair was stunning and her makeup flawless. Michelle you are a lady of style and class. Congratulations! I voted for your husband and we pray for you and your family. Oh by the way could you please tell him to not get out of the car and wave he almost gave my mother a heart attack with there being so many crazy ppl out there. God Bless you Michelle and God bless america.

To all of the people who said that Michelle Obama's dress was a poor choice, I am sure that your own personal closet is a disaster. Her outfit was elegant, a beautiful color on her and attractive. She did not look like she was going to a "prom." She looked like a picture of elegance; woman prepared to stand beside the man who will lead the United States. It is unfortunate that so many people are simply so judegmental and jealous of such a sharp, educated woman.
The people who didn't like her dress probably think that Laura Bush has style. How unfortunate.

To all those who huff and puff about MO's dress being 'inappropriate' because it's the wrong color/cut/sparkliness - don't you have a cotillion to lead somewhere? People have been wearing diamonds and other sparkly bits during the daytime for decades, in the same way that black is no longer the preserve of the bereaved. What will you say when she wears white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day? Gotta move with the times.

Yes the dress was inappropriate, much too old, frumpy for Mrs Obama.
But from the photo above it appears Mrs Obama is pregnant and that could be why the jeweled neckline, to distract attention.
When you are pregnant you can wear a thin T-shirt in that weather and still be warm.
Viva, little Presidential Baby!

She looked beautiful and at ease. It was apparently comfortable as she moved well in it. I liked it very much but most importantly, SHE liked it. Nothing left to be said.

YIKES! Are you people blind? She was stunning alright.....I was stunned the first second I saw that awful thing! If I hear one more person compare this woman to Jackie Kennedy I'm going to scream! What an insult to Jackie!

I'm thinking a baby bump is the reason for the dress??? The introduction of a little Barack H. Obama III. in the White House would be quite exciting!!!
I generally like Michelle Obama's style, but I wasn't crazy about this number nor the lava lamp dress that she wore during the acceptance speech, however the white dress that she wore to the inaugural ball was stunning.

Dear Michelle, do not try to copy the queen - wear something that flatters you, that is you - we want to see someone who is real, stylish but down-to-earth :)

I agree with everyone else who said that the Inaugural dress was a poor choice. The color did nothing to flatter her skin tone, and indeed made her look washed out. Something along the lines of a royal purple would have been so much better. Yellow is not her color. The fabric appeared to be flimsy (especially the bow on the coat!). She must have been freezing! A hat would have been in order, and the fact that her gloves and shoes were two entirely different shades of green did nothing for the ensemble.
The ballgown looked like a wedding dress.
That said, I have the utmost respect for Michelle Obama, and hope that she makes better fashion choices in the future.

I think Michelle has the look to be classy. However, this color was not good for her. I do hope she has someone to help her with her choices in the future. As I also think the ballgown was a disaster. And what was it that she was wearing in Church today, the day after? Maybe she is pregnant and trying to cover it up.

Ms. Obama looked fabulous at the concert on Sunday, the black and caramel outfit she wore would have been more appropriate for the inauguration. It showed off her figure and was very elegant.
The outfit she wore for the inauguration would have been more flattering and appropriate if it had been a long sleeved dress without the cardigan underneath.
The colour and material of the evening gown were fine, but the line hid her lovely figure and did nothing for her. Her dress today would have been fine if it had a solid coloured box jacket over it to make it slightly more formal without loosing its flair.

However, the variety of opinions on this page just prove that we all have different tastes and that's okay. Remember some of Princess Di's early disasters, it takes time to become a fashion icon...Jackie O...was born in to a weathy family, so had an opportunity to play with designer fashion from childhood.

The dresses were a disaster. I know all the Obamaniacs will disagree but we have to be honest.

The inaugural gown was not appropriate. The color was not flattering, the material is not worth a comment. The embellisment (or was it a necklace) was a faux pas.

The ballgown was also a bad choice. She was stepping on it all night.

Someone needs to advice her on how to wear "haute couture" and etiquette. She needs to learn how to walk on stairs (not with your legs wide open) and how to wave to a crowd (not as if you are trying to attract the attention of a motorist ias you are standed on the side of the road).

Everyone needs to stop hatin on the Obamas. Lets get real, clothes do not make a person. If they wore rags it has nothing to do with the type of people they are. Worry about more important things like getting this country out of the recession that it is in instead of how Michelle Obamas dress looked. She would have looked good if it was a rag rapped around her. Perfect Choice Michelle!

i love michell s outfit


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