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Closet Case: Angelina Jolie, Dumpy or Daring?

Angelina jolie 2009 sag awards max azria blue dressI can't stop thinking about the blue Max Azria dress Angelina Jolie wore to the SAG awards over the weekend--you know, the one she had the fashion daring to wear backward, revealing her ink instead of her cleavage? She's worn Azria's gowns to several big events, including Cannes and the VH1 Critic's Choice Awards. Although certainly not inexpensive, his designs are accessible (Max Azria is the runway collection counterpart to BCBG), which seems right for right now. The ink-blue silk georgette SAG awards dress ships in March and will cost $798.

Jolie is one of the few celebrities who has developed a signature red carpet look -- drapey, goddess-like dresses that show off her tattooed shoulders, natural hair, minimal makeup and jewelry. Some have criticized the look as dowdy, but I would call it self-aware.

Jolie has to know how difficult it is to take her seriously with all the tabloid drama that follows her around. Which might have something to do with her no-nonsense style. She's using clothing to control her image, telling us she's transcended fashion and won't be at the whims of whatever designer or jeweler happens to be the highest bidder. What she will do is experiment with styling tricks, surprising us by wearing something in a different way, backward even. (Hey, there's a reason Little Edie from "Grey Gardens" became a creative muse for the ages by wearing a tea towel on her head.) That alone sets Jolie apart from the starlet pack, giving her integrity as an actress and mother, instead of just a mannequin.

And even if she didn't know she was wearing the dress backward, something tells me she doesn't really care anyway.

What do you think of Angelina Jolie's style?

-- Booth Moore

Photo: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

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I've always been a big fan of her style. She makes interesting choices - and even during her latest pregnancy, I saw her in some gorgeous outfits (loved the green dress she wore...forget which event). I would agree. She is definitely self-aware.

THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this article!! You get it! Angelina want to be comfortable, and she is way more level-headed and substacial than the J-Lo's of the world who use fashion as their own personal weapon, and publicity stunt! Angie actually wore the Azria dress backwards from the way it was worn on the runway. to me, this shows TRUE engenuity and boldness! She has nothing to prove. She saves her 'sexy' for her man at home. Its interesting to me that although she didnt dress as revealing and tightly dressed as the other women, Hollywood heavyweights like Sir Anthony Hopkins, Mickey Rourke, and Alec Baldwin STILL couldnt take their eyes off of her. Now that's real power...from the INSIDE OUT!

For a woman who's with Brad Pitt and has the world at her feet, she sure never looks like she's having any fun. I appreciate your comments but I think it goes too far toward self-consciously dowdy . . . we get that she's serious, but if just being there is painful, stay home.

She looks like she is wearing a sack made from my mother in laws drapes. Just don't think Jolie when you look at the picture and tell the honest truth what the woman looks like. You're too caught up with Brangelina.

yes...i agree with this shows and integrity..what ever she wore, she always look beautiful and angie

If Angelina wasn't an A-list actress, fashion people would be lining up to make fun of her frumpy clothes. She looks pretty awful in this dowdy dress. While I do admire her not looking like a bimbo, it's possible to look both attractive and intelligent while dressing up (see Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet).


Very nice dress!!!! She really looks like an angel.

Thank you

Her fashion choices -- indeed, her whole public persona since shacking up with Brad Pitt -- seem political, calculated, and disingenuous.

I'm "meh" about all of it.

I think she look absolutely outstanding!

IT IS CALLED A MEDIA CAMPAIGN. Actually, it is more oscar these days. Why? Simply: It is better to be a respectable mature actress than a homewrecking tabloid nut job. It has nothing to do with personal style and everything to do with career, image..etc.


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