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Happy E-Holidays

In the spirit of being more fiscally and environmentally responsible, I believe there's a real opportunity in electronic holiday cards, especially for the fashion and design set. I've gotten a few this season (from Behnaz Sarafpour, IMG, BluPrint PR), but many more paper cards. Most of the e-cards have been generic and text-heavy, but others have been delightfully creative.

Rage_koi_2One of my favorites is so simple and yet so genius. It's from Koi Suwannagate, the L.A. designer who specializes in sculptural clothing. I love the little clay creatures on a white background with thought bubbles above their heads. They look as if they could be Christmas ornaments too.


Los Angeles-based public relations firm ALine media has another nice one (see right). It's your basic reindeer drawing, but the sentiment is both eco-friendly and clever: Save the Earth. It's the only planet with chocolate.


The hilariously named Bullfrog and Baum PR firm in New York sent the e-card on the left, a mock gallery of family portraits, as it were.

Roger Neal, another L.A.-based public relations firm, sent a link to an animated "Cat and Bauble" e-card by English artist Jacquie Lawson. She runs an online greeting card company here.

Meanwhile, the entertainment industry has elevated the holiday video to an art form. My sister sent me a link to this one from production company Benderspink. It's a spoof of "Slumdog Millionaire."

I hope to see more e-cards next year. Who knows? Maybe I'll even design one of my own.

-- Booth Moore

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I believe that electronic holiday cards are just tacky. The folks who send them have enough money to buy a card and stamp so I believe that these folks are just plain chintzy. Thank heavens only 2 people sent them out to me this year. Would someone tell all these e-mail holiday card senders that they are just declasse' . Cease and desist please!


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