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Yes on Proj. 6: Protesting for 'Project Runway,' which is one hot mess

00066112997982_1871 People, get ready to strike a pose and don your "Make It Work" necklace 00024069705962_3 in the name of a swift settlement. There's a cat fight going on over the rights to "Project Runway" that would make even Janet Dickinson cower.  According to Reuters, the Lifetime cable network -- which was scheduled to pick up the sixth season of the show -- has now counter-sued Bravo, NBC Universal and the Weinstein Co. over rights to "PR."

You may recall that the Weinstein Co. tried to shuffle the show from Bravo (owned by NBC-Uni) over to Lifetime, and things got crazy bad. The worst part is that "Project Runway" has already shot most of its sixth season here in Los Angeles, and, well, we're dying to see contestants interpret L.A. style. And could Christian Audigier please be a judge for the tattooed-denim-and-trucker-cap competition?

Do you think "Project Runway" would be better or worse on Lifetime? Weigh in, people.

--Monica Corcoran

Photos: Necklace and Tim Gunn bobble head. Credit:

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PR has become a bloated cash-cow. Now Bunim-Murray will turn it into a hideous Kardashian-Real World hybrid nightmare.

i don't know how PR could get any worse, frankly. the rampant corporate tie-ins of season 5 were nauseating. that said, i'll still totally watch it, no matter where it ends up. sigh.

I dont care where PR is played, wheather its Lifetime or Bravo..i just hope it airs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is my all time favorite show!

I am saddened that instead of allowing the fans to see PR, that the powers that be are instead fighting like babies over their sides of the play pen. As it is, we the fans are the ones paying the price for their pettiness.


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