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Undress 'Mad Men's' Joan Holloway, kind of

November 26, 2008 |  3:00 pm

Joan Holloway paper doll

If you're as much of a "Mad Men" fan as we are over at Rage Central, you're probably feeling like Freddy Rumsen two months out: sitting in an armchair in a darkened office somewhere, sipping a tumbler full of dark liquor, absent-mindedly flicking a limited-edition "Mad Men" Zippo lighter and obsessively checking Peggy Olson's Twitter feed and waiting for the street date for the season DVD box set to be announced.

So it was a sight for sore (and smoke-filled) eyes when we opened an e-mail this morning to find a scantily clad (but totally SFW) Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks who recently appeared on our cover) staring back. In the image, Sterling Cooper's sexpot secretary is rendered as a paper doll: standing proud in her undergarments and garters with one hand on her ample hip, the other holding a cigarette, samples from her Season 1 on-screen wardrobe strewn behind her, all tabbed and ready to wear. Titled "What a Doll!" it's the handiwork of a New York City-based comedian/graphic artist/illustrator who goes by the name Dyna Moe, and it's available as a poster from (An earlier version, minus the hot pink, black-belted number and a black satin cocktail dress) can be downloaded for free -- and with the blessing of the artist -- from Flickr. (Just to be clear  -- THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL PAPER DOLL!  But if you  have drive, determination and a pair of sharp scissors, be our guest.)

Rich Sommer's holiday card

If Joan Holloway isn't exactly your shaker of gin, Moe's got enough other "Men"-related merchandise to slake your thirst until the series returns, including Peggy Olson T-shirts, an illustrated 2009 calendar and several different choices of Christmas cards. How do the boys and girls of Sterling Cooper feel about their cartoon-like portrayals? Moe got her start when cast member Rich Sommer commissioned her to illustrate the holiday card he sent to the cast and crew last year.

Enough said.

-- Adam Tschorn

Top: "What a Doll!" based on the costumes of Janie Bryant. Bottom: Rich Sommer's 2007 holiday card to the "Mad Men" cast and crew, both drawn by and courtesy of Dyna Moe.