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Behind the scenes: The Image crew shoots fall fashion in L.A. heat

November 17, 2008 | 11:13 am

Last Friday, I and a crew of three models, a photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist and stylist assistant took on the stifling heat to shoot a fashion story for the Image section.     14untitled4

We shot at Garfield High School in East L.A.  Yes, the "Stand and Deliver" school, where it happened to be "spirit week."  So we were treated to the sounds of the marching band practicing and the sight of flag girl rehearsal, before they hopped on a bus to the school's most anticipated football game of the year, against rival Roosevelt High.

All the school spirit was fitting for the preppy story we were there to do. Unfortunately for the models, this included heavy wool jackets, thick sweaters and lots of layering. But they were all troopers and true professionals -- keeping focus even when they attracted crowds of curious students gawking between classes.

One student was in awe of model Iris' porcelain skin, strawberry hair and fine features. "She doesn’t look real," the girl said. "She looks like a doll." Makeup artist Annie Ing achieved a “cold and wintery” cheek with a pop of sheer pink. It was a challenge to make the models look cold in 90-degree heat, but the magic of makeup made it happen.

3untitled3 The heat left us all a bit ragged, especially me and Nicholas, who had the task of unloading, unpacking, repacking and reloading the clothing and accessories. By the end of the day, we were all over-heated and exhausted, so it was an unwelcome surprise to find that a large truck was blocking the gate we had to walk through to get everything back to the car.


Being back on a high school campus on the day of the “big game,” seeing homecoming royalty banners and kids in school colors brought back a ton of (distant) memories and got everyone into the right frame of mind for the shoot. Go Bulldogs.

-- Melissa Magsaysay

Top: Model Marie Rivera giving a peace sign in a preppy look. Middle: Nicholas takes notes on what each model wears for every shot. Bottom: The fun that can happen during a photo shoot.  My car blocked by a huge truck. Photo credits: Top photo by Nicholas Amoroso; bottom two by Melissa Magsaysay