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Attention shoppers: Sarah Palin spent more than $150,000 on clothes

Newsweek is reporting that Sarah Palin didn't just splurge on $150,000 worth of designer suits and83564978 shoes at Saks and Neiman Marcus. Nor did she follow the shopping list prepared by John McCain's senior aides. The article notes:

"One senior aide said that Nicolle Wallace had told Palin to buy three suits for the convention and hire a stylist. But instead, the vice presidential nominee began buying for herself and her family — clothes and accessories from top stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus."

Palin has claimed that she plans to return the loot she purchased for her GOP tour. But really, used pumps and wrinkled Valentino designer suits won't fetch more than 30% of their original value in her hometown. What about EBay? Well, a Palin Cabbage Patch Kid doll sold for $19,000 on Monday, so she may have better luck auctioning off her clothes. 
Maybe she could sign the labels with a lipstick print?

-- Monica Corcoran

Photo: Getty Images

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BS story. Interesting how all the stories about Palin quote and reference anonymous, unnamed sources, isn't it.

Journalists can and do lie, you know. Anyone can fabricate a story based on an anonymous source.

she epitomizes everything that is wrong with the Republican party today--self-righteous religious views, disregard for the environment, anti-intellectualism, and grabbing whatever material gain she can while she can. Good riddance.

Ebay is definitely the way to go. They'd generate a huge amount of money for charities. The down side for the Republicans is that the full extent of the purchases would become public knowledge.

Oh hell...She deserved it! If McCain hadn't had Palin, he wouldn't have gotten HALF the votes that he got on Tuesday. A man wouldn't have to endure this crap...and the sad part is, women are as rough on this woman than the men are.

Phooey on the clothes. They're just clothes. But what about that poor kid, Bristol? Is she really gonna hafta MARRY a low-life high school dropout? I hope she's off the hook now. Poor thing.

You Americans on the left are such hypocrites. Nothing is said about the clothes that Obama or Biden wore . Oh , I forgot , they all have lots of their own money. But , they sure pilloried Clinton on her lack of classy dress.
There is way too much attention being paid to this garbage. Who cares? The Repubs lost & now some disgruntled staffers who are too cowardly to show their faces & who are only trying to cover up their own ineptness are looking to blame someone for their loss. Altho' I am a Canadian , I have watched this whole process for months & to me , it is a testament to John McCain & Sarah Palin that they did as well as they did. When you consider how unpopular Bush is & the sudden meltdown of the financial system as well as the HUGE amounts of money that Obama raised , what else could have been expected? They did a lot better thatn I thought they would.
And unless you forget , Palin was drawing huge crowds to her rallies. It just wasn't enough.You left -wing loones are afraid of Palin because she is everything you are not. She is classy , a good mother & a working mother & she doesn't have to be one of the "elitists" to do it all. Get off her case & let the dust settle. Win with some dignity instead of trying to pillory a woman who accepted an invitation. She did NOT initiate this whole thing : They came to her & she performed admirably in the face of an unbelievable onslought from a decidedly left-leaning media. If you Yanks are relly fortunate , this woman will be back on the national political scene.

based on what we are hearing now about the behaviour of this womanand her family THANK GOD she is on her way back to Alaska.

So, pray tell how attracting huge crowds translated into votes? People go to airshows hoping to see a crash. McCain threw a Hail Mary and it was intercepted by a better football player. End of game....

She obviously went overboard, but also 3 suits is not NEARLY enough for a woman to have for two months of campaigning with constant media scrutiny, that decision had to have been made by a man.

They absolutely should sell these for charity, Because they are Palin's they will likely bring much more than they cost. Also they should consider donating her convention suit to the Smithsonian as they were such a part of this historic election.

I say this as someone who really despises this ignorant woman, but still, she is a part of history now, an there are people who really loved her.

Try as you might, you cannot compare Palin's mishaps to classy women like Michelle Obama or Jill Biden. First of all their clothing was nowhere near this expensive and secondly they paid for their clothing with money they worked for not campaign contributions. I wonder how Joe the unlicensed $40,000 a year wanna be plumber feels knowing hisa candidates spent this kind of coin on clothing, shoes and jewlry using the contributions of donors.

Sarah classy? um...yes...but which class? Her behavior speaks for her. And pardon me, but isn't it relevant if someone misuses campaign funds to squander on personal fripperies? (Maybe not in Alaska - which might explain Stevens)

Like most Americans, I don't require "elite"...just hope that whomever is placed in or 2nd to leader of the free world is at minimum well educated and aware! Another correction, we did indeed hear about Michelle's frock when she was on "The View" - she paid $150 for it (some rushed out to buy one - not me, I don't have the figure for it).

But perhaps it is actually good, maybe even evolutionary, when it is considered 'elite' to elect a black man. Personally, al I cared about is that he is very smart, very well grounded, aware of the globe of which we are a critical part, and able to explain his policies. Oh yes - there's that - policies may have had something to do with it?

I am so relieved that the majority of American people had the sense to reject the possibility of Klondike Barbie becoming the "leader of the free world." The mere thought of having that uneducated ignoramus as our president was utterly frightening. No doubt picking her was McCain's greatest mistake.

While it was apparent to many at the time, I'd expect it is now clear to nearly everyone: in his desperation, McCain got too wrapped up in one brief news cycle, pitifully pandering to the Hilary supporters. Thankfully, after the (comically embarrassing) initial excitement about Palin, the Hilary supporters got past their temporary frustration and flocked in hoards back to the Dems. It was so good to see that, by the time of the election, the Dems were unified like never before and the Republicans had taken on an even greater rift. Picking Palin was only one of the many major mistakes McCain made. But it stood as good evidence that, for McCain, it was not country first, but McCain-victory first. (Notice that, even in his concession speech, it was (almost) all about him). Moreover, the Palin pick was a key indicator that he was too impetuous to lead the country, too concerned with winning the next day's news cycle ("look at me," "look at me!"). I have little doubt that, given the Bush economy, choosing someone like Mitt Romney would have made it a much closer race.

I'd just love to see Palin run in 2012. Michelle Bachman can be her running mate!. She'll divide the Republican party once again, and be completely decimated by an even greater landslide.

As for that "Republican base" that everyone has been talking about for years, the brainwashed Psuedo-Christian Psuedo-Patriotic Right-Wing maniacs who were "fired-up" by Palin: the American people, including the real Republicans (e.g. fiscal conservative intellectuals), have put the writing on the wall: You Have Been Overthrown.

I sincerely thank our American democracy for that!

Lovely, a page filled with hope and change. I see you are all just the same vendictive left leaning loonies that still don't want to do any research. Now that your wonderful CNN, NBC, MSNBC are starting to wonder just who was elected and what are his ideals, have you stopped watching? Are you that shallow? Your MESSIAH is in and so it doesn't matter what he does because you think he's going to send you a check? There are 57 million people that don't agree with you, so don't forget that. I suspect within the next 6 months, there will be many more millions of disillusioned kool aid drinkers. There are 375 standing in line right now trying to get their money for working for Obama. I hope everyone includes that earned money on their taxes and it's reported to FEC.


Palin will have to declare all of these duds as job related gifts/income on her tax return. This is the likely reason for the suggestion that the clothes would go to charity. Also, any income generated by sales to eBay might offset the tax liability, but it woudn't likely cover it entirely. Of course her tax returns for 2008 would also be fair game if she thinks she'll try for Prez in 2012. Pay attention Dems. She's the gift that keeps on giving.

No surprise at all. She's dishonest, ignorant, and with no apparent scruples. I'm sure more stories will come to light about her lies and inbred family.

Hmm, everything wrong with the Republicans

Self Righteous and religious?

Just how far from God has this country fallen?

Pray for this country as with Obama and his cohorts we are in for some ride

It's not that she spent the $150K on her duds, I think the GOP can afford it. It's that she did so while trying to pawn herself off as a "regular soccer mom". Hypocritical and was exposed as such.

The Dims complain about $150,000 spent on Palin's clothing, most of which will probably come back (and in true conservative style, be donated to charity) when it's auctioned off.

Contrast this with the $140,000 Obama reportedly spent on American flags. Seems like a lot of money to waste on a symbol he wouldn't even wear as a lapel pin. Maybe he was just trying to fool people into associating him with the United States of America.

The Dims have been fooled again, and this time it's gonna hurt big time.

Palin wore the clothes quite well!Since all the electon drama is now over.Look on e-bay to see if she plans to auction off the clothes and donate to charity.

BS story. As Fox news pointed out, if she had gone shopping, how come there is no evidence of it during the election? You would think she was swarmed by reporters the whole time yet there is no video evidence of her alleged shopping sprees at Neiman and Saks anywhere. If the RNC bought the clothes for her, she may have no knowledge of this. The unnamed McCain aides are just sour grapes. They don't realize Palin SAVED he campaign. Independent voters were not going to vote for him anyway; his major supporters were right wing conservatives, who back Palin more than him.

Dennis Willows : Mind your own politics, canuck. I've noticed a lot of Obama-bashing coming from The Great White North. I wonder why he frightens you all so. The Republican Horde ruined our reputation and pillaged our economy once again and you think we should have left them in office. Maybe you can offer them citizenship and they can mind your chickens. You're welcome to them...all of them, because there's a lot of them with a lot of time to kill. Take Sarah, too...take the whole damn welfare state of Alaska...then you can pay us to keep Russia from invading with the oil money. Palin is an idiot; she lacks both goodness and knowledge, which makes her a real liability...she's the female equivalent of George Bush and she makes Dan Quayle look like a Rhodes scholar.

Palin's interview performance with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric, and her lack of knowledge about vice-presidential duties and responsibilities, corroborates the new accusations and not the denials of them.

This paper is a load of crap! I dare you to print this. If a story about Sarah has no source for which to go to, then the story becomes fable, and therefore has no place in reality. You've heard her say before "Who said this about me? I'd like to talk to them..." Bottom line: If they don't bother to meet her face to face, and say this to her face, then you know the perps are as cowardly as the paper that prints the fable.

Glad to know that she's now back in her Alaskan ice box. Just keep her and her clothes in the deep freeze.

I don't get you people. NONE of this stuff coming out is sustantiated. It's all leaked information by cowards who won't come forward. And you left-wing loones have ALL bought into it. grow up already !!!!!!!
What's with the crap that you are spewing about Palin? And just because someone spouts Christian values doesn't make them a " whack job". The clothes purchased are not hers nor is she keeping them. It seems to me that the left-wing loones are the " whack jobs" in the US. You people are NOT going to give up pilloring her are you? Obama & his "elitist" VP have won. Let it go already.

Just proves that you can't put on class when you put on clothes. And obviously Caribou Barbie read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: never go anywhere without your towel ;-)

Mean-spirited story and many mean-spirited comments. This kind of junk has turned me off the Dems, perhaps forever. I don't like being associated with chronic nastiness. We used to stand for goodness. Now we just carp on the women we don't like (Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin). Palin did her best. Leave her alone now.

Wow! Reading these posts makes me well aware that Democrats still haven't gotten over the 2000 election. Still bitter and vindictive. Never let it be said that a Democrat can't hold a grudge!

And to think elephants are supposed to be the ones with long memories...

My My what a lot of verbage about something that is never mentioned regarding other women who work on campaign trail for the 2nd highest office of the land, for Vice President of the USA! Many have noticed such a double standard for Sarah Palin and I can only think that there are many small minded snarky people out there without a LIFE ! Sarah needed to dress according to the level or style of other women on the Mc Cain stage wore.... (and if she had not then you would have )and did try to smear her as somone living in the trailer court for not brandishing the lastest "Brand Names" etc You tried to indite her as having some kind of "low life" instead of the fact that she lives a very active life in her job as Gov of Alaska and must dress in various kinds of sportswear (all stylish) to travel her huge state. This entails her climbing in and out of small airplanes,(not a jet at her command) that she uses as a practicality to save the taxpayers money. She is the most admirable and active head of the Alaska National Guard. She caused all kinds of jealousy because she has the athletic skill and is a sportswoman who can keep up with the troops on the rifle range and shows high style and panache in chic active wear for 4-wheeling and practical warm sportsware for her cross state treks and (on the job) oversight of the gas and oil pipeline that will benefit this whole country. She is wise enough to know that this will help our National security by helping us become energy independent.
What she does is so far and away more important than your praddle and I cannot help but see these kind of small minded critical shots about clothes (that are being sold!) must come from people who are very insecure themselves or jealous that their hairstyle and glasses are not being emulated from sea to shining sea. Sarah is a Rennisance woman and can keep up with anyone which that makes her a threat to those who feel badly about themselves.
You forget that all of your vindictivee praddle concerning the (outward things) such as the clothes she wore for a job position does not and will never diminish the true sharp LADY she is.
I know you would love to tear her down and many have tried by making her active, Alaskan life look as bizzare as they could to try to diminish the Smart, Kind and Strong woman who believes in having a good character and impecable virtues that you small minded ones have long forgotten.. A Lady honored by being electing to an office and realizing that job is to be the "servant" to their constituants and it is Sarah's kind of public service record and TRUTH of her daily life full of admiration to the quality of human diversity and precious value of each life is what propells Sarah Palin.
She looks out for others consistantly and that is why she was elected and remains so popular in her state (by the people she has worked for and with for all these years) These Alaskans (80%) of them admire her and know her. Real people do not concentrate on what or "who the designer is" that you wear but Sarah, coming to the lower 48, was told to dress up to a higher standard for the sake of John McCain and his wife. Yes, she is a maverick and she went against even those in her own party (in Alaska) who were wasting the good taxpayers money and not listening to the voters desires and needs.
I say that Sarah is a CLASSY LADY in all she does and wears.
Sadly even though these clothes will be sold, it is not enough for you.
There is NO PLEASING shallow vindictive insecure back-yard bloggers that praddle on about nonsense and I am glad that Sarah will not try.
She will just keep her focus and continue serving the people that elected her and doing a noble job with husband and kids in an atmosphere where they are models of loving, serving and courageous, giving people who are caring to each in their family and just the kind of leaders the USA needs in communities and world.
Sarah You are a CLASS ACT and a SUPER WOMAN who does it all.
These pathetic, jealous murmurers producing nothing but background blather from a source that cannot hope to catch up with you!

**SALUTE LADY SARAH***You are ALl the Rage!

I think that it is funny that the only people who sign in with their real names are the gracious ones who are not vindictive, or mean spirited. If you cannot post and stand behind it, maybe you are ashamed of your behavior.


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