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The politics of hair: Are you a Cindy, Michelle or Sarah?

Pallin3 Have you been contemplating Michelle Obama's simple bob, Cindy McCain's crispy waves or Palin's hard-hat updo? Now you can try them all on -- virtually -- using In Style magazine's Hollywood Hair Makeover feature, where you upload a photo of yourself and test-drive different celeb coifs.

Images of McCain, Palin, Obama and Hillary Clinton (whose slicked-back hairstyle is freakily similar to Siegfried's of Siegfried & Roy) can be found under the new "Election" category.

Mccain_3 At left I'm working McCain's overstyled 'do ("You look like an Atlantic City stripper," noted a co-worker) and above, Palin's indestructible bun ("Can I get you another martini before we land, sir?") Now if I could only get into Hillary Clinton's shoes...

-- Emili Vesilind

Orginal photo: Tyler Boye

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Who cares?

So where are the pictures of you with Michelle and Hillary's 'dos?

your cindy photo looks like sharon stone!!! :)

the beauty of all of these women is marred by the garish lipstick. there is no reason for the lipstick industry to exist.

you're hot.


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