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Sarah Palin's wink will offend in India and China

83095124Ah, what a difference a wink makes. Sarah Palin -- as coquettish as a83128683_4 16-year-old cheerleader -- winked twice during last week's vice presidential debate. The GOP gobbled it up, with grunts of "atta gal!" The Democrats, not in the mood to be wooed, saw her flirtation with the nation as another ploy to avoid talking turkey.

But it might interest the Alaska governor to know that winking is considered to be rude in many Asian countries, including India.

According to one business guide for executives visiting India, "Winking will usually be perceived as either an insult or a sexual proposition whereas whistling under any
circumstances is considered rude and unacceptable."

Another primer for expats on nonverbal communication overseas notes that the Chinese consider winking to be rude too.  In Nigeria, winking is a sign that children should leave the room.

Wondering if you can screw up foreign relations in the wink of an eye? You betcha.
-- Monica Corcoran

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Palin's behavior at the debate was bizarre and boorish. That screwed up face with that horrific wink - unbelievable. I doubt the intelligence of anyone voting for that broad. What? Possible President? Are you crazy?

It's not acceptable in Japan either. Palin will probably offend the entire UN. What's next? A little cleavage to get votes in Florida?

Coquettish, gobbled it up, talking turkey ? Are you poultry-obsessed or what ? As for the winking, I find it to be innocently coy and definitely " Fargo Female Cop " for Veep!!!

Oh my God. The country is falling apart and you are worried about a wink offending someone in China. Please turn your brain on!!

I am so frightened at the thought of that woman being President.

guess what - a wink can screw up domestic relations as well - what a piece of work. lord help us.

I am astonished that anyone would take seriously anyone as brainless and corrupt as Sarah Palin, who might more fittingly run for junior high cheerleading squad or wildlife slaughter poster girl. Perhaps she should go back to Alaska and try to undo some of the environmental and personal damage she's wrought there.

No...winking is not considered all that rude in India especially by a sexy, hot MILF like Sarah Palin. Too bad John McCain didn't win. There isn't enough I could have of Palin. She's so sexy and seductive.


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