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Sarah Palin's debate shoes take center stage

83096265_2When Sarah Palin was spotted in Naughty Monkey red patent leather peep-toe pumps last month, the shoe blogs went ape. The $89.95 pumps also sold out fast. The WSJ reported that sales jumped by 50% for the brand known to be a fave among club kids and Paris Hilton.  Now, the bloggers who report breathlessly on arches and toe boxes have put out a plaintive plea for identification on Palin's shoes from Thursday's debate.

Over at Shoe Minx, they are imploring readers to name the designer behind Palin's oxblood patent pumps. (If you look closely, you'll see that Palin buys her shoes a 1/2 size too big, because there is a gap between her heel and the lip of the back of the shoe.) BlackBook is convinced that Palin's footwear is designed by Sergio Rossi.  But they don't think that the shoes are from the current season. Even Reuters has a close up of the shoes posted on Yahoo.

Did anyone capture Joe Biden's wingtips? Of course not.

-- Monica Corcoran

Photo: Getty Images

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cheap shoes, cheap shots, cheap candidate...

Yes her shoes are cheap, and she doesn't have what it takes to be Vice President. She can continue in being a great Governor but she's not ready yet to be Vice President. It's nice that the focus here is her shoes, and they are not that bad looking. Though we should focus more on what she knows, not what she's wearing.

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These are cute shoes, and are affordable for the every day, working woman.

If Hillary dared to wear high heels, and wore these, the liberal women would be raving- Hillary is stylish and can relate to the working woman.

I guess all the other middle class women who are buying them are "cheap" too. You really know how to win a crowd over by callling us cheap.

Good for Sarah for having cute, stylish, and affordable shoes- like the rest of us!

So, like, did the media show us what the other candidates are wearing on their feet? Sexist coverage or admiration by the camera folks?

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