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Shia LaBeouf brings back the slacker 'stache

September 11, 2008 |  7:18 am

Wallpaper_02_1024x768_3There's a fine line between fuzz and a full-on 'stache. And Shia LaBeouf is pirouetting on the precipice. In this poster for the new movie "Eagle Eye," LaBeouf's sooty upper lip dominates. Look at every shot--from the center picture of him looking ready to rabbit punch someone to the shady silhouettes--and all you see is 'stache, 'stache, 'stache.

Bloggers have long been fascinated by the young actor's inability to grow aBurtreyno_rong_4097483_600_2 Burt Reynolds' worthy bush. And I think his geek appeal has hit an all time high, ever since he stopped shaving.

Imagephp_4 The slacker 'stache reminds me of those pervy guys in high school who lurked at the bottom of stairwells to catch a few upskirts. Or those dudes at convenience stores who unabashedly ogle Hustler. Does it make LaBeouf look tougher? Not exactly. Does it make him look older? Maybe by 11 months. 

Over at, a small but determined movement is growing...about as fast as LaBeouf's lip cozy.  They also sell these cute tee shirts for $21.99. -- Monica Corcoran

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