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Katie Holmes dumps boyfriend jeans

August 11, 2008 |  8:23 am

Katieinnewjeans Clearly, the thrill is gone for the boyfriend jeans.55437422 Katie Holmes and the denim, right, that she wore for three days in a row laughed a lot at first and it was fun to tour New York together. The jeans even convinced her to try sauerkraut with her Central Park hot dog. "Zesty!" she exclaimed and they giggled like banshees.

But then, the boyfriend jeans grew distant and sullen. They55432120 wanted to try on other women. Plus, all that press and those blinding flashes from paparazzi made the jeans feel self-conscious.  Katie pretended that she understood how the media hoopla could destroy a relationship. But deep inside, she thought they were different and could ride the frenzy out.  Maybe even go on a cruise to get away and chill.  No dice. The boyfriend jeans are gone.

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