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Invisible clothing coming soon

August 11, 2008 | 10:16 am

Theinvisiblemanuniversal Today, CNN reports that researchers are now able to cloak objects by fiddling with light and reflection and the invisible suit may soon become a reality. What do you call it: The Peeping Tom Ford suit?

No doubt, an invention that could abet thieves and perverts -- among other miscreants -- would be a liability to society. Expect the military to be the only benefactor at this point. (The findings come from UC Berkeley and will be published later this week.)

This on the heels of a recent report that smart clothes are making scientific strides. Among the new crafty fabrics are a pair of underwear that can detect cancer cells and a smart bra that detects temperature changes in breast tissue and alerts to a possible tumor.  Some doctors are skeptical at this point. There are also fabrics that contain vitamins and deodorants on the horizon.

And you thought Spanx were a miracle?

photo: Universal Pictures