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Bat Chic: Vintage Converse "Joker" high top sneakers

The dude selling these Converse "Joker" sneakers--issued for the 1989 Tim Burton Batman12f8_1 movie--is so glad that he didn't let his Mom chuck them.

Right now, there are four pairs available for bidding on eBay--click here--for anywhere from $10 to $140--the first auction ends at 3:30 pm tomorrow, Saturday. One pair is brand new, with tags attached. Others are slightly worn and scuffed.

A quick search of "Batman" on eBay revealed lots of Bat crap. These kicks, however, stand out for their cool nod to comic geekdom. Plus, you can run away really fast if some big bully goes in for the "Ka-Pow!"

photos: from seller sites

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