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SATC inflation: the Eiffel Tower bag

June 10, 2008 |  9:00 am

_z8e70083_8 What happens when a purse gets primo exposure in aEiffeltower5 movie such as "Sex and the City"? It gets uppity in price. Last September, the Rage posted here about the first glimpse of Sarah Jessica Parker's look in the movie. (Pictures were released by New Line.) At that time, the Eiffel Tower bag by local designer Timmy Woods sold for $338, and her Horsy bag sold for $350. Now, the Parisian monument bag sells for $450. What gives? The designer responded to an inquiry by saying: "All of my prices have gone up because everything costs more. I didn't raise the price on the Eiffel Tower bag because it was in the movie." Hmm. The price of the Horsy bag didn't go up, suspiciously. Timmy Woods has sold 1,500 of the Eiffels since the movie debuted. You should have bought yours when I first posted about it.

Photos: New Line;