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Nina Garcia brings nothing to 'Project Runway'

April 17, 2008 | 10:40 pm

Ninagarciaatnatickcollectioninbosto The Rage has always been transfixed by ex-Elle editor Nina Garcia's tanned, perfect shins. While she sat on that chair on "Project Runway" and delivered her mostly boring and less than insightful critiques of contestant's efforts, those glistening shins squealed: "Fashion editor! Expense account wasted on salads and more salads!" Now -- as any "Project Runway" fanatic knows -- Garcia is no longer at Elle magazine and some are wondering if she will return to the show for the last season on Bravo. Executive producer Harvey Weinstein says, "yes." The Rage wonders, "Why?" Garcia has yet to mentor anyone like Tim Gunn (yes, she knows he is not a judge) or make us laugh like Michael Kors (It's farty!"). Really, what does Garcia contribute to the show? And worst of all, would it kill her and Kors to have one cat fight? The two agree on almost every outfit, which is not only odd but also very unfashionable. Having worked at InStyle for seven years, the Rage knows what happens when editors attack. It's bloody bitchery at its finest.
Note to Nina Garcia: Be bolder and more thoughtful in your reviews and verbally sideswipe Kors every now and again. Oh, and how do you make those shins shine?